Requirements for Becoming a
Squire or Damsel

Squire or Damsel: If a page shows promise, then at the age of fourteen, he became a squire. A squire is a Knight's personal servant. In battle, a squire would bring his knight replacements of lances, swords, horses, or any item lost or damaged in battle. The squire had to become accustomed to heavy armor. A squire played games with real weapons against real knights! The squire learned to ride his war horse while keeping his weapon arm free. While he was a squire, he was allowed to carry a sword and a shield, which showed what rank he had achieved. The squire was taught not to kill many knights. Most knights held other knights for ransom. If he got through all of that, he was knighted or "dubbed". Before a squire was dubbed, he did lots of things in preparation. First, he prayed all night. He prayed without sleeping or eating. When morning came, he would take a nice, warm bath. Then he put on a special padded vest and hood so that his armor did not hurt him. Then he would have a page help him put on chain mail armor or plate armor. Then the almost knighted squire would put on a white tunic. The tunic was white because white is the color of peace. The tunic was so that his armor did not rust in the rust in the rain and sun. He knelt before his lord. Then his lord would slap him with his hand or the flat of the sword. As his lord was doing that, his lord would say, "I dub thee Sir Knight." Then the new knight would receive his sword, lance, and golden spurs. Each of the weapons had a good meaning. The lance had a saying. It was said, "As fear of the lance drives back the unarmed, so the knight drives back the enemies of the church." As for the sword, it was said that, "The two edges of the sword show that the knight serves God and the people." Then the knight was free to roam. He usually rode off on quests of adventure. He either stopped by the road and challenged any knight that passed by or he did battle for a damsel in need.

The next level after the Page is to become a Damsel or Squire and as a Damsel or Squire, members are to begin a more active role within Warwick for soon they will become a Knight. As you advance within Warwick you will be required to do more in order to achieve the top position of Knighthood and prove that you are ready to be a respected as a true citizen of the realm.

Before Becoming a Squire/Damsel, must be able to complete the following:

1. Learn the organizational structure and titles of Warwick.
2. Learn all the officers titles & positions in order to know where to direct others who have questions.
3. Learn the rules of court, including the forms of address of those of the peerage and noblige.
4. Learn the rules of eating etiquette.
5. Learn the rules of chivalry.
6. Learn the Knight's Code
7. Head server in at least three feasts.
8. Complete your Squires necklace.
9. Acquire medium impact armor or the tools and equipment appropriate.
10. Compete in at least three organized competitions or tournaments.
11. Read a book about the Middle Ages (no less than 150 pages) and write a book report.
12. Acquire a simple outfit of at least a shirt, breeches, and a belt. In the case of ladies, a simple dress. The colors should be in the livery of your noble or knights colors, but this is not a requirement.
13. Serve as a loyal and faithful page to your house for at least 6 months.
14. Pass a written examination for becoming a Squire or Damsel.
15.Earn 1000 points