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In Warwick there is a point system used (no longer used) in order to determine the skill level that a member has earned and helps establish a command structure for different positions in the Warwick Organization.

This was a good system but the members decided in order to be more historical that from now on, positions will be given to members by the Crown(s) of Warwick when a member is recognized for their efforts and loyalty to Warwick and show determination to abide by the bylaws & goals that Warwick has put forth in order to bring education of history to the public.

The points will not be used but the same assignments to reach the different levels of knighthood will still be used and turned in to each members sponsor in order to be recognized for their hard work and then be acknowledged and awarded by the Crown(s).

The Points Earned To Become a Knight

Attend Meetings/Court
When a meeting is held in Warwick you will earn points just for attending. You may also earn point for different things you do at a meeting, such as entertaining or giving a speech.

Points Allotted for attendance: 50

This is a position for being the member in charge of an event. The Autocrat is in charge of the event from start to finish, example: if the member is approached about putting on an event at a public or private area then he/she will get an approval from the Executive Director first a foremost!!! make all arrangements with the party who approached them about the event, set up a meeting with the Executive Director & the person whom the event is for to go over cost & details. After this is accomplished then they are in charge of finishing the project as directed.
Some projects can be large projects but most are small events, the satisfaction is the fact that members of Warwick will benefit from the work done by the Autocrat.

Points Allotted for being an Autocrat: 50

Attend Feast
When a feast is held it is usually followed by Court, this is a good time to make several points in a short time. You will make points just for attending & you may also make extra points in other areas such as server, entertainer, or just for helping out and keeping everything running smoothly.

Points Allotted for attendance: 30

Attend an Event
When attending an event whether it be in combat or the arts you will be awarded points for your involvement. You will receive points for attending as well as points for what you do either in battle, archery, or an art project you have presented for judgment (extra activity points given by officer of field).   

Points Allotted for attendance: 20

Arts & Sciences Day Points
When attending an Arts & Sciences Day you will be awarded points for attending as well as points for any historic art project you work on while attending.

Points Allotted for attendance: 5    Plus 15 points for working on a historic type project while at this event

Arts & Sciences Projects
When you do an Arts & Sciences project you will be awarded points for any historic art project you work on. You will receive points for the item if it is historical (Authenticity), Craftsmanship/Functionality, Documentation, points for its Complexity, and any Bonus Points that the Officer of Arts & Sciences awards you.

Points Allotted for Project: Appointed per work project & awarded by Arts & Sciences Officer

Participating in a Tournament or a Challenge
When attending a tournament or being challenged & accepting such challenge, you will be given points on how well you perform and how you act during the combat.

Points Allotted: 30 (for partaking of event) ? points on how well you performed & acted (decided by the Crown & Crown Marshall) 10 (bad show) 20 (good show) 40 (for oh my lord that was so amazing!).

Participating in a Archery Tournament
When attending a tournament or being challenged & accepting such challenge, you will be given points on how well you perform and how you act during the combat.

Points Allotted: 30 (for partaking of event) ? points on how well you shoot (decided by the Crown & Officer of Archery) 50 (1st place) 30 (2nd Place) 20 (for 3rd Place) 10 (for all other places).

Participate in Demonstrations
When a Demonstration or class is being held you may help out as much as possible to make this a very educational experience for the public. If we are to become successful and a great public service for education about the past, we must put on a show that even surpasses what is expected of Warwick & it's populace.

Points Allotted: 20

Give a Class
When a class is given by any member of Warwick it is a great honor to show what you have learned & be able to teach others the same. If you have a skill that is from the period of your persona and want others to know about it then this is your time to shine for this is what we as a group are here for!

Points Allotted: 50

Hold an Office
If holding an office it is because the populace of Warwick chose you to be in this position & therefore it is a very hard area to achieve points towards knighthood. If the group so chooses to they may vote for a different member to take an office if it is in their best interest as to better the group in what we need to become, more successful. In order to loose your spot in an office some one must petition at a court meeting to take such office and why he/she would be right for such office, at this same meeting if enough members are present (a quorum of 60% of total members) a vote will be held on change of officer.

Points Allotted per month as an officer: 30

Providing Entertainment

Points Allotted: 20

Giving a speech

This speech which you give can not be a short how you do type of speech, it must be a speech that will be of some importance & worthy of being granted points for.

Points Allotted: 10 (so so speech) 20 (good speech) 30 (great, unbelievable how you pull that one off speech)

Feast Server

Points Allotted: 40

Feast Helper

Points Allotted: 30

Feast Host
When a feast is held it may be held at a members house and the members that are the residents of such house are thence forth the host to the guest who attend the feast.

Points Allotted for Hosting a Feast: 40

Credit for going above & Beyond

 Points Allotted: (decided by the Crown)