Requirements for becoming a Page

Page: When a boy born by a knight turns six or seven he is sent from his home to a near by castle. There he is trained by the lord of the castle to become a knight. He is a page. A page helps his lord dress and put on armor. He plays many training games that include wrestling, piggy-back wrestling, sword practice with blunt wooden swords and tiny round shields called bucklers. A page rarely ever learned how to read or write because it wasn't thought to be very knightly. The ladies of the manor taught him table manners. (A manor is a castle.) The page waited on his lord and lady. It was his duty and privilege to accompany his lord and lady at all times. He learned how to hunt and hawk. When his lord's armor was rusty, the page rolled the armor in a barrel of sand so that the rust was gone. He was taught to be quick, graceful, and flexible. He received religious training from the chaplain. He sometimes received training-in-arms from the squires.

The first stage for advancement in Warwick is to become a Page & to do this the member will complete all the requirements set forth & to choose a Noble or Knight to train him/her in the art of chivalry and combat.

Before Becoming a Page, must be able to complete the following:

1. Complete and submit a Warwick membership form.
2. Be current on dues.
3. Attend three meetings (Officers or Feast).
4.Serve as waiters at a minimum of three feasts
5. Learn the Page's bow.
6. Be able to explain what a Page is.
7. Select a Noble or Knight for a sponsor.
8.Obtain your own feast gear (plate, bowl, cups, utensils).
9. After Completing all that is required above you will then be given a ceremony to become a Page of Warwick.
10.Earn 150 points