Officer Glossary

Officer of Archery: The officer responsible for standards, training requirements, rules of tourney and combat, for bows, arrows, and other missile weapons and ammunition.

Officer of Arms: The officer responsible for supervising and coordinating the heraldic functions and activities of Warwick.

Officer of Arts & Sciences: The officer responsible for the judging of all arts/science tournaments, reporting the results to the Officer of Rolls, cultivating interest, and educating the populace in the field of Arts and Sciences.

Crown Marshal/Joust & War: The officer responsible for arranging and supervising the field judging for War and List, responsible for weapon and armor standards, training requirements, rules of combat, and scenarios.

Herald: The official who is responsible of making announcements at tournaments and the marshaling of combatants, this officer has the status of ambassador acting as official messenger between leaders especially in war.

Hospitaler: The official responsible for coordinating and overseeing the first aid aspects of Warwick activities, and educating the populace in health and safety issues.

Hospitality Officer: The officer responsible for the generous and cordial reception of guests and new members, presenter of information regarding what Warwick is & what we do as a group.

Officer of Rolls & List: The officer responsible for recording official meetings, events, & member's earned requirements, ranks, awards, titles and the date each was received.

Steward: The officer responsible for the legal obligations & management of servants, collection of donations, & keeping of accounts.

Officer of Schedules: The officer responsible for coordinating & recording all events on the yearly calendar in order to keep events running smoothly & without conflict of overbooking.