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The prime proof of rank and nobility is liberality. People want to be known for their hospitality. The ideal is a substantial house, plenty of servants, a lavish table where anyone is welcome.

 As further evidence of liberality, the broken meats (table leavings) are customarily given to the poor at the kitchen door. (Incidentally, this also counts as "good works".)

Requirements for Becoming a
Noble Lord or Lady

When a Noble or Knight Sponsors a member for Knighthood he/she will need to guide their member in the studies needed to become a Knight of Warwick and the Noble or Knight will need to keep track of all accomplishments their student has achieved and inform the Crowns when the student is ready for the next level of their trials.  Once a member reaches the rank of Knight, he/she can form a house or start a second line of Knighthood in one of the four areas of Knighthood.  Once Knighthood is reached in the second area and the first Knighthood has been finished at all four stages, than the member can obtain the Noble title of Baron or Baroness.

To Start a House (Noble of House):

1. Have the rank of Knight in at least 1 field of knighthood.
2. Form a house with no less then 4 members (1 House Master & 3 members of servitude).
Learn the rules of heraldry. Be able to identify by name the tinctures, metals, and furs, and the laws governing them. Be able to identify by name, on sight, the basic divisions of fields, lines of partition, and ordinaries. Be able to list at least 10 charges and their proper names. Be able to explain the rules of helmets, crests, mantles, coronets, and badges. Identify all coats of arms of the members of the High Council. 
3. Obtain appropriate formal wear for your profession or trade including dagger, cape, boots, and headwear.
4. Sponsor a Page, Bowman, Apprentice, or Clarke.

To Become a Baron or Baroness:

Hold two titles of knighthood.
Not required to form a house first.
The second level of Nobility held by male or female.

To Become a Viscount:

Hold two titles of knighthood.
Also, second level of Nobility held by male only (only 1 person can hold this
royal appointed office as sheriff of the county).

To Become a Earl or Countess:

Hold three titles of knighthood.
The third level of Nobility held by male or female.

To Become a Marquis or Marchioness:

Hold all four titles of knighthood.
Forth level of Nobility held by male or female.

To Become a Duke or Duchess:

This position is the highest position of title before the King or Queen and can only be held by the Executive Director of Warwick.  This title is achieved by having all other titles filled by other members.  Each time a title of Nobility is filled the Director of Warwick moves up in title as well until he/she reaches this title.