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MISSION STATEMENT of Warwick Living History Corporation


 To present and preserve the heritage and spirit of our ancestors. Members of Warwick portray any time period or culture they have interest in learning and educating about.

 The Warwick Living History Corporation is a volunteer not-for-profit educational organization structured to develop a strong community of Archers, Artisans, Combatants, and Historic Performers for further education in Worldly Culture, primarily through the use of live action historical programming, otherwise referred to as living history. Warwick enables its members to make history a valuable and fun experience for the lives of spectators and participants of the general public by researching of the life ways of the people who created our history, by the presentation of educational and entertaining programs.

 Warwick through its membership is committed to leading historical interpreters, educators, administrators, and volunteers in these fields:
(This list is subject to change).

 The members of the living history corporation are volunteers and are committed to the goals of the site's programs. Thank you to all the members of Warwick for the sacrifices each has made.