Thorulf Sigurdarson

Born in Trondheim, Norway- 07/20/1035

Son of Sigurd Olafsson & Ása Thorbjornsdöttir


   The term "Viking" is a mistranslation from the Norse. It is actually a verb & not a noun. They never called themselves by that name. They were Norsemen or Norska. To go "A-Viking" ment to take to the sea in ships for voyages of exploration, settlement, and of course plunder and warfare. The Anglo-Saxon word "Wick" is the same as Norse "Vik" which means a large body of water: I.E. ocean, bay, inlet, etc.

   Thorulf or "Ulf" (wolf, which is easier on the English tongue) was born a Pagan until his older brother, Harald, later called "Hardrada" (hard ruler) converted to Christianity. He terrorized Norway with violence and bloodshed all those who were not willing to cease the old ways. Thorulf was baptised at a young age, but still kept the beliefs of his father, Sigurd Olafsson, which brought the Ire of Harald in his direction. Also, Harald believed that Thorulf had designs on the throne, which he did not. Harald threatened to carve the "Blood Eagle" on Thorulf, therefore he fled Norway for Iceland because he had relatives there, and land was still to be had. He settled peacefully, but soon had the urge to go "A-Viking" he sailed first to the British Isles (Shetland, Orkney, England, Ireland). While in the Orkneys he was Betrothed to one Morgana Ní Hart, who is a decendant of Brian Ború Ard Rí of Ireland. After a great feast, Thorulf took her to Iceland, where she managed the farm.

   After some time Thorulf went to sea again to seek his fortune. He sailed the Mediterranian and had many adventures in Seville, Rome, Jerusalem, and Constantinople, where he was Captain of the Elite Vangarian Guard for the Byzantine Emporor. After six years he desired to return to Iceland and to his wife, he lived the rest of his days there in peace and prosperity and was considered a man of great honor. Thus ends the saga of Thorulf Sigurdarson the Icelander.



Harald Hardrda took a force of 93 ships to York, England to gain the throne of England from Harold Godwinson. At the same time, William of Normandy had the same designs. Harald of Norway arrived 3 weeks before William could set sail because bad weather delayed him. Both men had a legitimate claim to the throne of England. Thrucanuteorknot Harald of Norway met Harold of England at Stamford Bridge, near York. After a bloody battle in which the Norse at first carried the day, Harald of Norway was killed by an arrow to the neck. After a forced march South, with his men exhausted, Harold of England was slain by the Normans under William the bastard, later known as "The Conquror". After that is another chapter in History. Thorulf wished to have a reconciliation with his brother, Harald, but he did not learn of these latest events until after the deeds had been done.