Thorulf Sigurdsson

                                                   Bailiff of Warwick


   It is with heart felt sorrow that I must inform you of the passing of Donald Winn (Steve) A.K.A. Thorulf Sigurdsson he has been in the Warwick Living History Group before it was even a group. I meet him when I opened my shop "Historical Outfitters" & he was one of the voices behind the development of this group & had a lot of knowledge on the history of the Celts, Norse, and a lot of other cultures of Europe. He lived over seas for a good portion of his life and his mother was raised over their, this is why he was knowledgeable of such things. I will miss him because he was very fun to be around, he was always very cheerful and had a lot to say and I don't think there was anyone who did not like being around him, besides as he always said "we share the same first name" even though he is known as Steve, his real name is Donald and so is mine.

Check out some of the photo's from his Renaissance. Days (if you have any photo's you would like to add? me). Some of the photo's are good print quality but some are not. If you would like to download a photo? you can click on the "ALL SIZES" tag above the picture then click on the size you want to download.


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Training performed by Thorulf:

Arts & Sciences: Teacher of Music, Nautical Skills, Rope Making, Ship Building, Story Telling, Wood Working, & Linguistics.


Awards & Certificates:

♦  Warwick House Guard (Certificate)

♦  Winner of the 2006 Major Concussion Award