Shield by Marcan O Righney (click to ENLARGE)            


  Chieftain Marcn Ō Righney

  Lord of the High Council  Hospitaler  Deputy Officer of Archery  Deputy Marshal





Office: Deputy Marshal, Deputy Officer of Archery, Hospitaler, Quartermaster of the Black Water & Lord of the High Council

Sword: Yeoman, Guard

Archery: Knight Archer, Noble Sponsor to Bowman Ethan Wyllomyre

Arts & Sciences:  Physician, Teacher of Heraldry, Vintner, Brewing, Torc Making, Leather Working


Awards & Certificates:

♦  Guard to the Baron (Certificate) -2005-

♦  Knight Archer of Warwick -2005-

♦  Certificate of Appreciation -08/20/2005-

♦  Seat of Honor Award -10/14/2006-


Points:   Last Update July 2006  (Old Point System, no longer used)

Attend an Event:                         680

Autocrat:                                       200

Attend Meetings/Court:              1300

Attend Feast:                                390

Arts & Sciences                              45

Arts & Sciences Project                  105

Participating in a
Tournament or a Challenge:           70

Participating in a
Archery Tournament:                     380

Participating in a Demo               220

Give a Class:                                 400

Giving a speech                               60

Feast Server:# ( 3 )                         120

Hold an Office:  

Oct,2004 - July,2006

Officer of Archery                            660

Officer of Arms                               660

Hospitaler of Warwick                   660



Total Points:                                6020