Requirements Before Becoming a Marksman

Upon completing all requirements for Marksman and being approved by the member's Noble, recognition will take place at a Official Court. The Marksman may then choose to enter the service of different Noble. Markman continue to wear the tabard of their sponsoring Noble. Nobles may elect to use differing styles of tabards to distinguish a Bowman from a Marksman. A Marksman will continue to aid their Noble in duties within the Household and Realm. As a Marksman, members are to begin a more active role within Warwick. Upon becoming a Marksman, the member is then eligible to join any of the guilds. Marksman are now allowed to carry a sword or dagger, may wear armor (mail coifs, vambraces, mail bishop's mantles and gauntlets) outside the battlefield and may wear a medieval long belt of red & 1 yellow stripe.

Before Becoming a Marksman, must be able to complete the following:

1. Learn the organizational structure and titles of Warwick.
2. Learn all the officers titles & positions in order to know where to direct others who have questions.
3. Learn the rules of court, including the forms of address of those of the peerage and noblige.
4. Learn the rules of eating etiquette.
5. Learn the rules of chivalry.
6. Learn the Knight's Code
7. Head server in at least three feasts.
8. Complete your Squires necklace.
9. Acquire medium impact armor or the tools and equipment appropriate.
10. Compete in at least three organized competitions or tournaments.
11. Read a book about the Middle Ages (no less than 150 pages) and write a book report.
12. Acquire a simple outfit of at least a shirt, breeches, and a belt. In the case of ladies, a simple dress. The colors should be in the livery of your noble or knights colors, but this is not a requirement.
13. Serve as a loyal and faithful page to your house for at least 6 months.
14. Pass a written examination for becoming a Marksman.
15.Earn 1000 points