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United States of America

Links of historical Interest


Below is a list I am putting together for members or whomever may be interested in learning some history about the United States of America. This list is separated by websites that have a lot of information to further your education about the States & people who live there, further down the list is a list of time periods and how to collect information. Send me feedback or suggestions to: the Warwick e-mail


Information on the Americas:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States (Information on the United States of America by Wikipedia Encyclopedia)




Time Periods in American History: (Place Search Engine Key into a search engine to gather educational information)

The Viking Age: 800 to 1075 AD

Search Engine Key: Viking Age America


Colonial Era and Revolutionary War: 1607 to 1783 AD

Search Engine Key: New World, Colonial America, & The American Revolutionary War


A New Nation: (Exploration and Expansion): 1783 to 1860 AD

Search Engine Key:  America the New World, American Expansion


Civil War: 1861 to 1865 AD

Search Engine Key:  The American Civil War


Reconstruction, Urbanization, and Industrialization: 1865 to 1889 AD

Search Engine Key:  American Urbanization, American Industrialization


The Progressive Era: 1890 to 1913 AD

Search Engine Key:  Progressive America


World War I and the Jazz Age: 1914 to 1928 AD

Search Engine Key:  America during World War I, American Jazz Age


The Great Depression: 1929 to 1939 AD

Search Engine Key:  The Great Depression America


World War II: 1941 to 1945 AD

Search Engine Key:  America during World War II


The Modern Era: 1945 to the Present

Search Engine Key:  Modern America