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Links of historical Interest


Below is a list I am putting together for members or whomever may be interested in learning some history about the Anglo-Saxons. This list is separated by websites that have a lot of information to further your education about the Anglo-Saxon Culture, further down the list is a list of time periods and how to collect information. Send me feedback or suggestions to: the Warwick e-mail


Information on the Anglo-Saxon Culture:


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo_Saxon (History of the Anglo-Saxon by Wikipedia Encyclopedia)




Time Periods in Anglo-Saxon History: (Place Search Engine Key into a search engine to gather educational information)


The Old Stone Age (Palaeolithic): Long ago to 8500-7500 BC
The Middle Stone Age (Mesolithic): 8500-7500 to 4000-3500 BC
The New Stone Age (Neolithic): 4000-3500 to 2500-2000 BC

Search Engine Key: Stone Age Anglo-Saxon

The Early Bronze Age: 2500-2000 to 1300-1200 BC
The Late Bronze Age: 1300-1200 to 700-500 BC

Search Engine Key: Bronze Age Anglo-Saxon

The Dark Age: 700-500 BC to 200-150 BC

Search Engine Key: Dark Ages Anglo-Saxon

The Iron Age: 200-150 BC to 450-500 AD

Search Engine Key: Iron Age Anglo-Saxon

The early Christian period: 450-500 AD to 800 AD

Search Engine Key: Christian Period Anglo-Saxon

The Viking Age: 800 to 1075 AD

Search Engine Key: Viking Age Anglo-Saxon

Medieval: 1075 to 1350 AD

Search Engine Key: Anglo-Saxon Medieval Period


The Renaissance: 1350 to 1700 AD

Search Engine Key: Renaissance Anglo-Saxon