Requirements Before Becoming a Knight Minister

1. Learn the rules of heraldry. Be able to identify by name the tinctures, metals, and furs, and the laws governing them. Be able to identify by name on sight the basic divisions of fields, lines of partition, and ordinaries. Be able to list at least 10 charges and their proper names. Be able to explain the rules of helmets, crests, mantles, coronets, and badges. Identify all coats of arms of the Offices of Warwick.
2. Develop and register your coat of arms with the Officer of Arms.
3. Make a surcoat and battle shield with your coat of arms.
4. Acquire  the tools and equipment appropriate for the position.
5. Obtain the proper outfit for dressing at court and a stand with which to display your new shield.
6. Write a 2000 word essay on the time period you are portraying.
7. Have the endorsement of the Crown.
8. Write a 1,500-word essay on Arts & Science in the Medieval/Renaissance time period.
9. Memorize the Knight's Code.
10. Enter & pass the Trials of Knighthood.
11.Obtain a Knight's Badge to be presented at court.
12. Hold office in Warwick for 12 months.
13.Earn 3,000 points

When a Knight Sponsors a member for Knighthood he/she will need to guide their member in the studies needed to become a Knight of Warwick and the Knight will need to keep track of all accomplishments their student has achieved and inform the Crowns when the student is ready for the next level of their trials.