The Knight Master is the highest and most respected position below the Nobles. After becoming a Knight Master you will be able to start another Knighthood or even become a Noble of Warwick and if available, hold an Office in your division. 

Requirements Before Becoming a Knight Master

1. Select a Knight Master to teach you what you will need to be a master.
2. Participate in at least 20 competitions.
3. Write a 2,500-word thesis on some aspect of chivalry during the Medieval/Renaissance time period.
4. Have the recommendation of the Arts & Sciences Officer, Chancellor, and the Crown. This recommendation is not only a voucher of skill, but also one of the highest character a  Knight has to offer.
5.Upon completion of all requirements and when the Knight's Sponsor believes the applicant is prepared, the applicant will be allowed to take the Knight Master examination.
6. Upon completion of all requirements for Knight Master, the advancement application shall be forwarded on to the Crown for approval. The application must be approved by the Crown of the Realm (peerage may only be granted by the Crown). The application must be accompanied with all letters of recommendation and the thesis written by the candidate. Remember, the thesis will remain a part of the Knight Masters' file in the realm archives.
7. Obtain a Knight Master's Sash to be presented at court.
8. Obtain a Knight Master Medal to be presented at court.
9.Earn 8,000 points