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         Warwick Journal       August 2015





08/08/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



- Those in attendance: Brian & JoAnn S., Cheri R., John B., Kirk B., Jeremiah & Amy W., Kandi R., Robert R., & Brad F.

- A thank you card was passed around/signed to be mail to the Boy Scouts (with a Warwick pamphlet in case any parents that saw us inquire) for allowing us to put on the sword demonstrations at Camp Mitigwa this summer.

- How the Washington Co. Celtic Festival went was discussed. Fighters added: lining up/marching to & from the field which included bowing to royalty on the way by, doing a safety check (helms/gloves) prior to show times, and doing a review of good/bad after each show. We were paid $200 for our participation in the event and Richard brought in $3.51 from his “elusive obvious” despite low public attendance. Pointers were listed to send to the manager of the faire to improve things for next year, as he requested.

- $50 was approved to pay Ivan for gas to haul the group stuff to/from that faire.

- The Strawberry Patch in Ankeny will print our Josh K.-designed Warwick t-shirts tax-free. JoAnn will call them this week to discuss color options and finalize prices for specific sizes, e-mail the info. to each member, & have it available during the Des Moines Faire for everyone’s review. Brian will then begin collecting payments so that a group order can be sent in on Oct. 5th.

- Final design details for the 8 group tabards were discussed, Cheri R. agreed to sew them, $200 of the group funds was approved to go towards needed materials, and measurements of our main fighters were/are being taken to ensure a proper fit.

- Ivan agreed to have the next Arts & Sciences Class at his home on Wed. 8/19 to finish building the wooden tent, to make repairs to the shop tents, to get measurements to make the second tent topper, and to repair/tighten up the group’s wooden chairs. If anyone sees affordable wooden folding chairs/collapsible benches while out shopping, please contact Kevin/Brian.

- Jeremiah is continuing to work on putting together a sword manual for fighters/instructors to reference. Suggestions to add included: disarming techniques, attack/defense tactics, steps to follow to keep sword classes on track, and a checklist for new fighters.

- While at the Washington Faire, Warwick was approached with information about attending 2 more faires: The Greater Quad Cities Renaissance Festival in Orion, IL on Oct. 10-11, 2015 from 10a-5p [to be discussed] & the Illinois Renaissance Festival in Danville, IL the 3rd/4th weekend of Aug. in 2016 (suspended this year due to storm repairs).




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe