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         Warwick Journal       July 2015





07/11/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:




- Those in attendance: Brian/JoAnn S., Lisa & Andrew Y., Tabitha H., Eric L., Kandi R., Jeremiah/Amy W. & girls, Amanda J., Micheal C., Terry B., John B., Cheri R., & Lane P.


- Welcome to our newest member, Lane Parker!!!


- Thank you to all who have helped out with the Boy Scouts Sword Demonstrations so far. There are only 4 dates left, so if anyone else can assist, that would be great. We've gained a lot of interest from the public by doing so.


- Lisa reviewed the information regarding the Warwick t-shirt/hoodie orders. Josh dropped off the list of who had requested one so far. JoAnn has the list if anyone else is interested. Lisa plans to take the design to the Strawberry Patch in Ankeny and double check prices/colors available this month.


- Several members have been hunting for additional folding/collapsible wooden chairs for the group. Brass Armadillo was out, but please keep an eye out and contact Brian if you see any. If anyone wants a personal chair like the ones Tabitha & Eric have, contact them for the info. on the person who made them.


- The next Arts & Sciences class will be on 7/23/15 from 6-8:30pm @ Ivan & DoraMae's home to finish building/repairing the tents and to work on the tent toppers. This will be our last chance to do so prior to the next faire.


- The Washington County Celtic Festival is Aug. 1-2 from 11am-6pm @ the Washington Co. Fairgrounds, 611 Hwy. 1, Washington, IA 52353. Please post to the event on the members' page or contact Kevin/Brian directly as to whether or not you can attend so we have an idea of who will be available to participate. Those that are able to caravan down & help set up on Friday July 31st, we meet at the Burger King/QT next to the E. 14th exit off of I-80 @ noon to leave.


- Aug. 8-9 is the next RenCamp workshop if anyone is interested in attending that has not yet gone. $25 covers both days & they have a Facebook page that contains the form to sign up.


- For the upcoming Des Moines Ren. Faire, Warwick must submit a group description & web link to their webmaster. JoAnn is working on this and will have Kevin review it prior to submission. Also, Tabitha shared that this year will be a no smoking event anywhere on grounds. E-cigs are permitted. Kevin stated he will be contacting Lynne this week regarding whether or not we need to do an audition or if it will be done during the Washington Faire.


- Receipts for shop tent supplies (Kevin), printer ink/copy paper for pamphlets (Kevin), & leatherworking supplies (Ivan) have been submitted for council review [at a later date] since the last meeting was adjourned.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe