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         Warwick Journal       June 2015





06/06/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


- Those in attendance: Kevin S., Brian & JoAnn S., Ben & Tali R., Brad F., Josh K., Ivan U., Terry, Micheal C. & guest Ben, Jeremiah & Amy W. & girls

- The Amana Faire was a success. Thank you to all that participated for your hard work! The pay & take totaled $512.

- Cheri R., Josh K, Tabitha H. & Eric L. attended the 1st RenCamp: Theatrics & Blade Workshop in April, and Kevin & JoAnn are attending the 2nd workshop on June 13-14 @ Sleepy Hollow from 10am...-5pm. Skills learned at these will be passed on to our other members during the following practices to continue improving our shows.

- Warwick was invited to attend the Washington County Celtic Festival Sat. Aug. 1 - Sun. Aug. 2 for $200. The event planner will cover our camping fees, & we then give 15% of our balloon pop take. We voted & agreed to attend.

- Ben, Brian, & JoAnn attended the Boy Scouts meeting earlier today @ Camp Mitigua, as Warwick was asked to do sword demonstrations during their "Days of Knight" summer camps. The details were discussed, and we agreed to participate.

- It was decided that the 2 Arts & Sciences classes this month need to focus on fixing the shop tent, finishing the wooden shop tent, and repairing/making additional tent covers.

- The Feast & Tourney of the Stag & Anvil will be held @ Ivan & DoraMae's home from 2pm on Sat. 6/20 to 6pm on Sun. 6/21. Feel free to begin setting up tents ahead of time.

- No sword practice/meeting will be held on July 4th due to the Independence day holiday, so the next meeting will be on July 11th.

- It was approved that Ivan receive $50 in gas reimbursement for driving the group supplies to & from the Amana Faire.

- Amy & Jeremiah turned in a receipt for the felt pouch supplies they purchased for use at the faire, and they are being reimbursed as previously approved.

- Ivan turned in a receipt for leatherworking supplies & Kevin turned in a receipt for printer ink to make the Warwick flyers (to be discussed by the council).



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe