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         Warwick Journal       May 2015





05/08/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


- Those in attendance: Kevin S., Brian/JoAnn/Jake S., Kandi R., Robert R., Ivan U., Terry B., Richard C., ReAuna W.-C., Ben/Kasi/Taliesin R./cousin Dave/uncle Mark, Kirk B., Micheal C., Tammy/Cody L., &  Peter L.


- The feast held on 4/11/15 went well. Josh K., JoAnn S., Andrew Y., Jake S., & Cody L. served. Andrew & Jake are slated to have their paging ceremony at the Amana Faire.


- Due to recent confusion about light/heavy weapon sword practice locations, choosing one park location for all practices was discussed based on: being in the center of Des Moines, having availability of bathrooms/water, being family friendly, and having some public exposure. Union Park, 1895 Pennsylvania Ave., DSM, IA was voted on and chosen. Meet by the carousel. Light weapons practice will be on Mondays from 6-8:30pm and Heavy weapons practices will be on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm & Saturdays from 6-8:30pm. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will be the backup location in case of rain (other than the 2nd Tues. of the month, as the church is in use).


- Richard C. has been holding sword practices in Cedar Rapids at Beaver Park every other Saturday.


- Tammy L. requested to hold a feast within the next few months in Cedar Rapids and had looked at a potential park shelter, but the location was booked up. She will continue to look for alternate locations.


- Kevin asked that each member check to assure that they have proper garb & shoes/boots for the upcoming faire. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, please discuss it with/show it to any of the council members.


- Kevin is meeting with Brian & JoAnn to complete the group taxes on Wed. 5/13/15, as they are due on the 15th.


- It was announced that the next A&S class would be held at Ivan & DoraMae’s home on Thurs. 5/14/15 from 6-8:30pm on tent building & repair.


- Kevin & Kandi plan to go pick up the Warwick chest & sword rack that was repaired by Mountain Memories @ South Ridge Mall on Wed. 5/20/15.


- Instead of holding archery practice on Thurs. 5/21/15 from 6-8:30pm, members will be meeting @ Ivan & DoraMae’s home to unpack his enclosed trailer, inventory the Warwick property and repack it with what is needed to take to the Amana Faire. Ivan asked that if anyone had a ball hitch and could pull the other open trailer he has to bring some additional supplies, it would be greatly appreciated.


- Anyone who would like to caravan down to set up at the Amanas on Friday 5/22/15, we will be meeting @ 12pm in the Burger King/QT parking lot off the E. 14th exit of I-80.


- Since “the fives” is technically a drill used for theatrical sword fighting/light weapons only, Ben is putting together a different drill to demonstrate/teach to the public at Amanas.


- Josh made a wooden, reversible arrowed sign to direct the public to Warwick’s encampment. If anyone else has time to make more, please do so.


- In addition to sword fighting in the ring, giving free sword lessons to the public, and allowing the public to take on one of our fighters for 3 rounds for a $5 donation, other faire activities include: the balloon pop game for a $3 donation/person (we need volunteers for 2 person shifts to help run this), a kids felt pouch craft (the Weis family), “The Elusive Obvious” (Richard C.), blacksmithing (Brad F.), pottery/cooking demos (Tammy L.), leatherworking (Ivan U./Peter L.), heraldry/shield painting (JoAnn S.), & painting (Josh). Other possibilities are: harp music (Cheri R.), lute/herdy gerdy music (Jeff B.), & chainmailing (Brian S.).


- Kandi R. has offered her services to the group. If anyone would like her to prepare/cook their breakfast or lunch since we all get busy during faire hours, just bring her the food you want to have made, and she’ll make it. Kandi has a donated ham, chicken, & turkey she is bringing to share with the group, & has requested that people bring bread/cheese to make sandwiches with it. Josh also stated that he will be bringing fresh fruit to share.


- There are a few members planning to chip in together to make some meals, but please remember that everyone is in charge of bringing their own food/drinks to faire. Also, many members are planning to go eat supper at the Ox Yoke Inn, 4420 220th Trail, Amana, IA, on Sat. night of faire.


- There will be NO Tues. sword practice or Thurs. Arts & Sciences class after the Amana Faire. Sword practice will resume on Sat. 5/30/15.


- Ben announced that for Warwick to finalize plans regarding the Boy Scout Camp demonstrations that we were asked to give 2-3 days/week between 6/10/15 & 7/24/15, council members that are able to attend are asked to go to the camp staff training from 1:30-5:30pm on Sat. 6/6/15 in Woodward, IA. Brian, Richard, Kevin, & Ben have committed to go. Because of this, the next Member’s Meeting will start that day at 6:30pm vs. the usual 6pm @ the church.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe