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         Warwick Journal       April 2015





04/04/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



- Those in attendance: Kevin S., Richard C., Josh & Candie K., Brian & JoAnn S., Kandi R., John B., Cheri R., Bones, Lisa/Andrew/Allison Y., & Brad F.
- The Mon. 4/6 Light Weapons Class will be held @ Water Works Park, 2201 George Flagg Parkway, DSM, IA, from 6-8pm near the gazebo vs. outside the church so that fighters may practice on grass vs. cement. 
- On Mon. 4/6, Brian/Josh/Brad/Ivan also plan on finishing up the catapult during that time @ Ivan's home if anyone else would like to come over to help.
- Kandi R. asked that anyone helping to serve at the Sat. 4/11 feast come @ 5:30pm to help set up. It starts @ 6pm. Jake, Andrew, Robert, Josh, JoAnn have all agreed to help serve.  Kevin stated that he would purchase the red and gold rectangular table clothes (that were approved to be bought at the last meeting) prior to the feast. Kandi would like to be notified of what dish you plan to bring @ 515-867-6536 vs. using Facebook. Soup, bread, and a hot vegetable have already been reported.

-  Jake, Andrew, & Josh will all be paged during the Amana Renaissance Faire. Kevin plans to get with Sennie regarding the tent cover.

- On Sun. 4/12 @ 2pm, St. Luke's Episcopal Church is holding a concert of Civil War era songs performed by an all-male chorus recruited from church parishioners & neighborhood fraternity members. There will be a free will offering & the proceeds will go to benefit the Fisher House Foundation (which assists the families of military combat casualties). Since this event is related to the Civil War, I thought some members may want to attend.
- The Tues. 4/14 Sword practice will be held @ Pete Crivaro Park just off of SE 14th St. (1105 E. Railroad Ave., DSM, IA). It will only be cancelled if it is raining.
- The next Arts & Sciences Class (building wooden chests) will be held on 4/16 @ Josh & Candie K.'s home, 1700 Lay St., DSM, IA. Please let Josh know if you plan to attend and what sized (dimensions) chest you want to build so that he can price the lumber for you.
- In regards to the Keokuk Civil War Reenactment, April 24-26, two members (Kandi/Robert R) stated they plan to attend Sat. 4/25 in plain clothes if they could catch a ride with someone & four members (Kevin S./Kasi R./Hannah W./Rusty W.) said "maybe" to attending in plain clothes. Ivan & DoraMae U. generally go in garb and participate. JoAnn let Ivan know this information so that he may register to participate by the 4/15 deadline. It is free to attend for anyone in plain clothes.
- Kevin looked into us attending the first weekend of the Nebraska Ren. Faire, May 2-3, but since Greg is not running it this year & there would be camping charges subtracted out of the pay we would receive in addition to gas expenses, it would not be affordable for the group to attend. 
- We are attending the Iowa Ren. Festival @ Middle Amana Park, leaving town at noon to set up camp Fri. 5/22 and participating through Mon. 5/25. It is agreed that everyone will bring their own food, but Kandi has offered to start people's noon meals on the fire pits for those that are busy fighting/running the balloon pop/etc. Please be responsible to wash your own dishes. If you want Kandi to help with your dishes, please donate a couple of dollars for dish soap, etc. Everyone will be asked whether or not they are attending this faire and what they are willing to help with/present during faire hours at the upcoming meeting to assist with scheduling.
- Since we would not be paid to perform at the Midland Pirate Festival in Nebraska, May 30-31, it was decided that we will not be going to that event.
- Kevin contacted the store that was to replace/fix the broken group chest & sword rack, and those items are completed/ready to pick up. Kandi offered the use of her truck and will plan a time with Kevin to get them.
- Josh stated he will get back to pricing t-shirt printers in the area to do the Warwick t-shirts so that he can present set prices and begin collecting money from those that expressed interest in ordering them by the next meeting.
- Brian talked to Ben about the plans for Warwick to do sword performances during the boy scout camp, and final arrangements will need to be made and a sign up for those willing to present must be prepared by June 6th.
- It was announced that Terry B. has decided to step down from his council position, but he will be retaining his royal house/remain the Crown Marshall/continue participating in the group otherwise. Prior to his resignation, the council had decided to add another member to assure there was an odd number in case of ties during voting, so instead of one council member being added, two were selected & announced. Welcome Lisa Y. & Josh K. to the Council of Royal Peers! Kevin, Brian, Ivan, Brad, Richard, Ben, & Jenice remain.
- The next Member's Meeting has been moved from 5/2 to 5/9, as 3 families will not be able to attend that day. Write-ups of the new officer positions & members who have volunteered to take on those rolls will be presented. Please think about whether or not you plan to attend the "Times of Future Past" event @ Sleepy Hollow as patrons, as many members would like to go as a group on Sat. 5/16. A time/location to meet will be chosen at the next meeting.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe