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         Warwick Journal       March 2015





03/07/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



- Those in attendance: Kevin G., Brian & JoAnn S., Terry B., Brad F., Richard C. & ReAuna W.-C., Ben R. & Taliesin R., Kandi R., Josh K., Braulio B. L., John B., Cheri R., Lisa Y. & Andrew Y., [T.J.], Jeremiah & Amy W., Rusty W., Jenny W. & Ian W., Amanda J., & Micheal C. & [his brother].


- Brian shared that John dropped off the remaining helms that Warwick (& Andrew) ordered as well as the receipt today as requested. John was given $9 of Warwick funds (to go with the credit built up on the account) to order the properly sized helm for Jake, effectively buying the XS sized helm for the group that was ordered accidentally.


- Terry shared his design for Warwick Combat Certification cards to be made for each member. A gold colored card will be for active fighters/archers, and a red colored card will be for non-active combatants. Kevin asked for a vote to purchase card stock & laminating materials for this, which was approved, and Kandi R. offered use of her laminating machine.


- Terry & Ben also stated that they will make weapons/safety gear inspection forms available to all members soon.


- Ben looked further in the Boy Scouts Summer Camp, “Days of Knights” at Camp Matigwa in Woodward, IA that we were asked to give demonstrations at. His contact, Stephanie Helen, stated she would like us to do the demonstrations on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays in the afternoons/evenings for different age ranges during camps lasting from June 10th - July 24th. At least 2-3 people would be needed for each demonstration given. Ben will check further into times, focusing more towards evenings to allow for members’ work schedules. The Feast & Tourney of the Stag & Anvil event (hosted by Ben & Brad’s houses) slated for June 20th @ 2pm - June 21st at 6pm also takes place during these dates, so Ben is going to find out if Warwick can just camp there on that weekend.


- Garb was next discussed, wanting to make sure all members have what is needed prior to faires. Cheri R. offered to go with people to Joann’s Fabric to pick out material/help sew garments, as there is a sale going on right now. There was also further discussion of how to make gambisons using 2-3 patterns that Ben has (costing $20-$40 each) for sword fighters vs. ordering them online (costing $90+ each).


- It was suggested that we add kid’s crafts to make the Warwick encampment more family friendly at faires in addition to the balloon pop (run by all members taking turns), leatherworking (Ivan), blacksmithing (Brad), heraldry (JoAnn), and chain mailing (Brian/Tabitha) that are regularly displayed. Jeremiah & Amy brought a pouch design made of felt & yarn (costing 25 cents each) that her girls could show other children how to sew using plastic needles & take with them to store their trinkets in. We could suggest a $1 donation for this activity. Other crafts such as hand-woven scarves made of yarn, marshmallow-shooting crossbows made of pop sickle sticks & glue, and paper tent folding were also suggested. Kevin called for a vote to pay for felt & yarn supplies for this kid’s craft, and it passed.


- Richard revisited the idea of doing theatrical/choreographed fighting, which would require at least 3 people that would focusing solely on doing this type of combat. Robert R. had expressed interest participating in this previously, and Cheri R. stated she has interest, but she felt that one should not be limited to just one type of combat. This will be further discussed in the future, as no one else expressed interest.


- It was suggested that we take more pictures other than at just feasts & faires (practices/archery/A&S classes, etc.) to post on the Facebook page. Anyone who takes pictures, please post them to the member’s page. The Scribe will edit them and put some on the public page to avoid duplication.


- Kevin wants to have the next Warwick Feast in April. The church will be in use on the 4th (so another meeting location will have to be chosen), three members had conflicts on the 11th, one member had a conflict on the 18th, and the church is in use on the 25th as well as the Keokuk Civil War Reenactment being slated for that weekend. JoAnn will start a discussion on the member’s page about whether April 11th or 18th is best based on fewest members with conflicts.


- Ivan stated he would take care of registering us by the April 1st deadline to attend the Keokuk Civil War Reenactment Apr. 24-26. An event will be added to the member’s page for this. Please reply as to whether or not you plan to attend.


- Kevin then reviewed the officer position names & descriptions that were recently updated by the council. Current members holding those positions were listed on each form and they were passed around so that those interested in taking on/becoming a deputy for those offices could write their names down. ***If anyone currently holding a position is no longer interested in the duty or you were unable to attend this meeting and are interested, please let Kevin/Brian know by the next meeting.***


Officer of Arts & Sciences – Tabitha H./Josh K. deputy


Steward – Brian S./JoAnn S. deputy


Herald/Crier – Richard C./John B. deputy


Hospitaler – Lisa Y./                deputy (Amy W.)


Crown Marshall of Light Weapons – Terry B./Ivan U., Micheal C., & Amanda J. deputies


Crown Marshall of Heavy Weapons – Ben R./Ivan U. & Brad F. deputies


Crown Marshall of Archery/Siege Weapons – Brad F./Josh K. &                  deputies (Kirk B./Rusty W.)


Officer of Heraldic Devices & Coats of Arms – Jenice W./JoAnn S. deputy


Hospitality Officer – Brian S./_______ deputy


Scribe – JoAnn S./                deputy (Cheri R.)


Archivist – Don R./DoraMae U. deputy


Feastrocrat – Kandi R./                deputy (Cheri R.)



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe