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         Warwick Journal       February 2015





02/07/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


- Those in attendance: Kevin S., Terry B., Brad F., Brian & JoAnn S., Ben R., Richard C., John B., Cheri R., Josh K., Jeremiah & Amy W. & girls, Robert R., Kandi & Bud R., Micheal C., Lisa Y., & Jeffrey B.


- The Founder’s Feast held on 1/31 went well despite the poor weather and last minute date/location changes. Micheal C. & Amanda J. were asked by Terry to become deputy marshals of light weapons. Robert, Josh, Kandi, & Jake served.


- John was asked for the receipt for the recent helm order. It was approved to pay for the extra helm that was an XS to facilitate the balloon pop. Once the price is figured out, Warwick will cut a check. He was then asked to order Jake S.’s L helm. Ben also agreed to fix the broken Warwick helm'.


- JoAnn brought the information for the Keokuk Civil War Reenactment (held Apr. 24-26) and asked who might be interested in attending, as Ivan would need to register online by Apr. 1. (The Lamoni Civil War Reenactment coincides with the DSM faire Sept. 4-6).


- Kevin is looking into us attending one weekend of the Nebraska Renaissance Festival (held at Berry & Pumpkin Ranch, 11001 S. 48th St., Papillion, NE fromMay 2-3 & May 9-10, 11a-6p) as long as the price is right.


- The Dubuque faire (held at Albrect Acres) has been closed permanently. Lynne is hosting more of a steampunk faire instead (Times of Future Past…a festival for any era, May 16-17 at the same location that the DSM faire is held). Josh suggested we go in garb as a group since we are not going to perform.May 16 & 17, 2015May 16 & 17, 2015May 16 & 17, 2015.


- We will be attending the Iowa Renaissance Festival (held at Middle Amana Park, 220th Trail & 27th Ave., Amana Colonies, IA from May 23-25/Memorial Day weekend).


- We discussed looking into the Midland Pirate Festival (held at River City Star Landing [Miller’s Landing] in downtown Omaha, NE from May-30-31). This will be discussed further once attendance of the Nebraska Renaissance Festival is decided upon.


- The Clear Lake faire (Iowa-Minnesota Pirate Festival) is no longer being held, as it was not very profitable last year.


- We will be attending all 3 weekends of the Des Moines Renaissance Faire (held at Festival Park inside Sleepy Hollow Sports Park, 4051 Dean Ave., DSM, IA weekends from Sept 5-20/starting Labor Day weekend) whether we are up top or down below.


- JoAnn looked into the Celtic Festival & Highland Games (held in Centennial Park on the Davenport, IA riverfront from Sept. 18-19), but it would coincide with the DSM faire.


- Current officer positions/those holding the positions were discussed. Officer roles/titles are being updated/adjusted by the council this month. If any current officers would like to steps down/anyone is interested in taking on an officer position, please let Kevin know by the next meeting. (Cheri R. expressed interest in helping create a newsletter/new member packets to improve communications.) Current

officers/positions are as follows (* indicates council members):

*Kevin S. – Marquis of Warwick (Executive Director)
*Terry B. – Crown Marshal
*Ivan U. – Deputy Marshal of Swords
*Brad F. – Officer of Archery / Deputy Marshal of Swords
*Jenice W. – Officer of Arms
*Richard C. – Herald of Warwick
*Brian S. – Steward of Warwick / Hospitality Officer
*Ben R.
Don R. – Webmaster / Deputy Officer of Rolls & Lists / (Founder)
JoAnn S. – Officer of Schedules / Deputy Officer of Arms / Scribe
DoraMae U. – Officer of Rolls & Lists
Lisa Y. – Hospitaler
Tabitha H. – Officer of Arts & Science
Josh K. – Deputy Officer of Arts & Science
John B. – Deputy Herald of Warwick
Kandi R. - Feastocrat
Micheal C. – Deputy Marshal of Light Weapons
Amanda J. – Deputy Marshal of Light Weapons
Andrew Y. - Youth Sword Instructor

- Kevin is still looking into purchasing 4 new rectangular table cloths in Warwick colors. Richard suggested looking into prices for bulk material to make tabards.


- Jeremiah presented the idea of a creating a training binder to the council, putting current methods followed/taught and adding new techniques to it as they are researched/shown in class. This was approved.


- It is essential that helms and leather gloves are used for all sparring whether using heavy or light weapons for safety/insurance reasons.


- Members were asked to join a royal house if they had not done so yet. If not chosen by the next meeting, you will be assigned to one, or the phone tree will not be effective.


- Renewal membership dues/forms must be to Brian Scharlau by 2/14/15 (unless special arrangements are made). For those from out of town, forms may be printed off the website and mailed to him @ 915 42nd St., DSM, IA 50312.


- Kevin would also like to have the next feast sometime in April & we talked about planning a campout on a month we don't have a faire to hold a tournament of swords, archery, etc.


- Ben mentioned participating in a renaissance day at the Boy Scouts’ Camp Matigua in Boone as well, but no date was given.




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe