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         Warwick Journal       January 2015





01/03/2015 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



- Those in attendance: Kevin S., John B., Brad F., Hannah W., Cheri R., Jeremiah & Amy W. & girls, Terry B., Richard C., Brian & JoAnn S., Robert R., Kandi R., Martell H., Braulio B. L., Josh K. & daughter, Micheal C., & Amanda J.as

- Anniversary feast date was chosen to be 1/24/15

- It was announced that Greg confirmed Warwick as a participant in this years' Amana & Des Moines Faires.

- The idea of adding a Mon. night light weapons class was discussed but not approved at this time. In heavy weapons classes, we would like to see people practicing with alternative weapons such as spears and knives in addition to broad swords.


- For the upcoming Arts & Sciences class on shield making, those planning to attend will need to purchase/bring 1 4'x4' piece of pine plywood and either leather (suggested to get from Tandy Leather Factory) or canvas (suggested to get from Joann Fabrics/Hobby Lobby/Menards) to cover it, OR if you plan on repairing a shield you already have, bring it.




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe