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         Warwick Journal       November 2014





11/01/2014 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


Those in attendance: Kevin, Brian, JoAnn, Brad, Ben, Lisa, Andrew, Allison, John, Josh, Kirk & 2 boys, Richard, ReAuna, Danica & husband, Micheal, Kasi & son, & Robert & father.

- The high council is working on updating the Book of Warwick at this time.

- It was decided that group funds would be first focused on assuring that our helms/swords were in proper numbers/repair and up to necessary safety standards. Members are asked to focus their own funds on... assuring that they have thick enough gloves and armor if sword fighting, proper attire for their title/era, and period appropriate bows/equipment if an archer.

- It was suggested that we have a garb/shoe/boot donation area for new members to access. This was approved. It was also suggested that we start a videos/books library that people may access to learn about the renaissance.

- The idea of altering the structure of Warwick was discussed. Each council member could have a house that members may join based on similar interests, such as archery/blacksmithing under Brad, pirates/light weapons under Terry, Civil War/leatherworking under Ivan, etc. This would make communications on short notice easier for Kevin and allow houses to host feasts/tournaments/etc. Once the details are worked out, this will be put on paper.

- Altering our shows to add a story line from show to show while remaining unchoreographed was further discussed as well as having more group battle vs. individual fights.

- Terry set up the Bell Ringing event for Sat. Dec. 6th from 6-8pm @ Valley West Mall in front of J.C. Penny (garbed/no steel weapons).

- Appreciation was shown to those that organized/presented Arts & Sciences classes more regularly recently (brewing mead, chainmail/jewelry, creating your persona). It was announced that the next A&S class would be at Josh's home on making armor. Ideas were requested for future A&S classes: making wooden shields (would need to set this up with Ivan & John), sewing clothing (Lisa has patterns), & playing/singing period appropriate music (prior to the bell ringing). Some members requested that A&S classes be offered on Mon./Wed. evenings occasionally due to their work schedules so that they may attend. This was approved.

- Kevin requested that everyone who plans on attending the feast on Nov. 22nd post what they plan to bring on the event page so that we don't have duplicates. The next feast is planned for some time in Jan.




11/22/2014 Warwick Members Feast/Meeting notes:


No notes were taken, but Don R. came to visit and battled Ben R., Tabitha H. had her paging ceremony, and each council member was given a “royal house” for each other member to pick/join to facilitate a phone tree for Kevin to utilize for any last minute communications.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe