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         Warwick Journal       October 2014





10/04/2014 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



- Those in attendance: Kevin S., Brian/JoAnn/Jake S., Brad F., Terry B., John B., Jeremiah/Amy W., Richard C., ReAuna C, Martell H./Ericca E., Chris H., Micheal C.

- The church demonstration that was originally scheduled for Sun. 11/9/14 has been postponed by the church. It will be on a Sat. after that date. They will get back to Kevin with the details.

- This year was the last of the 10 yr. contract that Greg & Bonnie (also working with Lynne) had with the owners of the DSM Ren. Faire, and they do not plan to renew it. We will have to prepare to "sell" why Warwick should continue to be hired to perform/demonstrate/etc. to whoever takes over running this faire. Lynne suggested that we jazz up our shows by having some banter prepared to say by the winning/losing side in fights since we don't do choreographed fighting. The need to have/use a video camera at practices was discussed not only in case we need to have footage to show faire organizers, but for our members to review for improvement. John said he may have a digital one to donate to the group. Otherwise, we have been relying on Brad F. bringing his at times. 

- Welcome new members who have joined/rejoined since our last meeting: Colan Kynkade, Mark Richardson, Micheal Collins, Amanda Jahnke, Amanda Gulliver, Danica Wilson, & Chris Hick.

- The group has had a very productive year and ideas were shared about what the excess funds should be spent on besides what needs to be saved to pay for insurance: $50 church donation for use of their space, 4-5 helms/masks, 2 sabres, 1 pack of replacement blades for foils, synthetic broadswords, something to carry/store helms in for easy transport, supplies to make collapsible wooden benches (Ivan U. is coming up with a design)/wooden chairs from Brass Armadillo [will compare prices between both], a used trailer (keep an eye out for sales), brown table cloths (to replace stained up/faded blue ones), supplies to build a wooden shop tent (feel free to submit a design), supplies to make a collapsible wooden table (Richard C. is coming up with a design), & armor grade leather for crafts.

- Terry B. would like to catalog all helms/swords (whether group or personal) and check for damage/make repairs if possible prior to our spending any group money on these. This was agreed upon.

- If anyone is interested in buying a personal mask/sabre/foil when the group does and wants to save some money on shipping & handling by going in on a large order, check out www.absolutefencing.com for prices, as we will need the money to make the order by the next mtg. on 11/1/14.

- If anyone is looking into purchasing a personal steel sword, be sure it has a blunted blade with a rounded tip. Have Terry B. look at what you plan to get prior to making a purchase if you want to assure it will be a safe/acceptable weapon to use. We've purchased several affordable broadswords with replaceable blades through www.kultofathena.com. 

- Micheal C. mentioned that he has purchased animal skins through www.whipptradingcompany.com at a discount as well if anyone is looking.

- If you don't already have one, please don't forget to: choose a persona name, pick a country of origin, decide upon dates of birth & death within the renaissance era, and post these on this member page. Feel free to develop your personal further, but do at least provide this minimal information so that it may be added to the website.

- It was voted upon/approved to purchase candy for the pumpkin walk activity.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe