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         Warwick Journal       September 2014





09/02/2014 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



Those in attendance: Kevin, Brad, Terry, Ben, Brian, JoAnn, Jake, Lisa, Andrew, Allison, Josh, Marijane, Jeremiah, Amy, Tabitha, & Eric

- Things we were doing well and things we need to improve on during faire so far were discussed as well as the queen’s review of our show.

- Brian plans on getting 2-4 sets of child sized gloves this week for the balloon pop game to pre...vent the public from getting scratched. We will also look into repairing the older masks.

- There will be a sign up sheet this weekend for 2 hr. shifts to run the balloon pop as well as to guard the shop tent/engage the public during shows so that the duties are divided evenly among non-fighters.

- Kevin will print out more fliers to hand out to those interested in possibly joining the group, winner ribbons for the balloon pop game, & fight sign off sheets to bring this weekend.

- Lisa is refilling the med. kit/putting it in a waterproof container.

- Fighters plan on marking their masks/swords in some way to prevent from mixing up personal belongings with Warwick items.

- Show order and presentation was discussed/improved.

- Think about dates that will work for you to attend a feast sometime in Nov. & Kevin will check on/confirm what date our presentation to the church members will be held.

- Welcome new members: Kasi Richardson, Ericca English, Eric Lindholm, & Niall Spencer.




09/09/2014 Discussion:


- We did an amazing job raising money for the group!!!

- There was a noise complaint about those who stayed late after faire Sat. night to party/play cards with people from other groups in the royal feast hall. The queen and Kevin have asked us to stick to our camp site and keep it down so that others may sleep.

- Three events were voted on/posted on the Warwick main page to participate in and we are checking into doing the bell ringing at Merle Hay Mall in Dec. like we did last year.

- The church will not be available Sat. Sept. 20th for sword practice.

- Ivan is fixing the chairs that were damaged last weekend and all agreed that some of the funds will go to purchasing more chairs since our group is growing.

- During our shows this weekend, we need to be sure we are not putting our backs to the crowd while watching the fight going on ahead of you, so we will line up by the jousting ropes on either side and look towards the crowd instead.

- Amy and Jeremiah are going to pick up some red & yellow fabric this week to use on helms during the shows this weekend to designate what side each fighter is on.

- We talked about making a tent cover for the balloon pop tent.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe