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         Warwick Journal       June 2014





06/28/2014 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


Those in Attendance (at Brian's Home): Kevin, Brian, JoAnn, Richard, Ivan, Brad, Lisa, Andrew, Jake

- Ivan was approached by Deerfield Retirement Community to have Warwick do a sword demonstration during their Music Festival July 19-20. We voted/agreed to do so on the 19th. Participating members would have free entry into the event. Ivan will get back to us with the times.

- The upcoming Iowa/Minnesota Pirate Festival does not have room for group camping on site. We will only be setting up the shop tents there. There are camping areas elsewhere, but there would be a fee. Hotel rooms are also available in the area. Feel free to post on the events page if you would like to share a room with someone and split the cost.

- It was discussed that we should practice in garb on Tues. Aug. 5th, prior to the pirate festival and again Tues. Aug. 26th, prior to the Des Moines faire.

- Sennie is refitting the smaller shop tent cover so that it fits properly.

- Warwick was invited to attend the Midlands Pirate Festival in Nebraska Aug. 23-24, but we voted not to attend due to the fees that would be charged to us for camping there. Warwick was also asked to attend the Illinois Renaissance Festival that same weekend, but we voted not to attend as it would be the weekend right before the Des Moines faire starts. Kevin plans to notify the faire managers that the invitation was appreciated but we will have to decline this year.

- The church (where we practice) has asked us to do a demonstration for them either the 3rd/4th week of September from 10-11am upstairs so they can get a better understanding of what our group does. We agreed to do so, and it was voted upon that another donation should be given to the church as well for allowing us to practice there.

- The invitation for our group to perform at the Ushers Ferry Scary Haunted Village in Cedar Rapids Oct. 24-25 was also discussed but will likely be declined.

- We reviewed the flags that Bones had made with each member's coat of arms sewn on them. He plans to have the 3 with color errors corrected next week. He was asked to get a few extra blank flags for use by future members as well. JoAnn purchased 3 wooden dowel rods to use as flag poles for her family's flags and suggested that wooden flag holders be made (similar to those Ivan made to hold his torches) so that member flags may be displayed from their tent posts. 

- Five of the member's wooden shields have also been painted with their crests and were shown to the group. Anyone's whose isn't completed yet may choose to paint their own or is asked to help out on arts & crafts nights so that these got completed by the next faire. Forms are available to those members who have not yet created their coat of arms to create one and get it registered. 

- The financial report was given, the $30 fee for the bi-annual report to the state was approved, $40 was approved to pay for the new group wooden chair (that we can use the design of to improve/make more), the company that made us the 2 wooden chests is replacing the broken chest and fixing the broken sword rack for us, funds were approved to purchase needed supplies to repair the broken pieces on the large shop tent, and funds were approved to buy the cotton/muslin material needed to make 6 medium gray-colored tabards bearing the red and gold Warwick logo. DoraMae has a special sewing machine that can be used to sew on this design. Hopefully Candie/Kasi can help cut out & sew the edges of the tabards.

- We would like to begin updating the Book of Warwick (like we did the articles of Incorporation) a section at a time during the next few meetings. JoAnn has agreed to start this process. 

- For the next meeting, we plan to research the Knight's Code, look into having a sword and/or archery tournament, and review the requirements for Knighthood, Archery, Arts & Sciences, & Officer.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe