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         Warwick Journal       May 2014





05/31/2014 Warwick Members Meeting notes:

Those in attendance: Brian, Ivan, DoraMae, Brad, Richard, ReAuna, Ben, Josh, John, Tabitha, Kirk, & Martell

- The Dubuque and Amana faires were discussed. Thank you to everyone who helped out with set up/tear down. John was paged at the Amana faire...congrats!

- Earnings from both faires were shared during the financial report. There was a follow up on filing taxes, banking done, expenditures, and insurance paperwork.

- Be sure to use metal vs. metal swords/shields and not metal vs. synthetics, as some of the synthetics had damage from this. Also, please only use your own blades/those that belong to the group to fight, as we don't want anyone's personal property to get damaged/used without permission.

- Safety was also reviewed. If you have a shield with metal edging, it needs to be covered with cloth/leather. Also, remember to consistently wear your gloves and to pull all blows. Everyone used helms well, but many fighters were quite bruised up after faire. We also need to get kid-sized gloves for the balloon pop.

- Tabitha suggested that we rent a park to hold our next feast and invite a pirate group to attend. Free alternatives were discussed such as the church/Gray's Lake instead. Please let Brian know if you have any prior commitments on Saturdays in June/July. 

- Ivan was reimbursed $100 in gas money for transporting the group equipment for both faires.




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe