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         Warwick Journal       May 2013





05/07/2013 Warwick Members Meeting notes Plus Discussions After Faires 06/01/2013:


- Great Job at the Belleview, Dubuque, and Middle Amana faires! We seemed to have impressed Lynne, as she invited our group to all 3

weekends of the Des Moines faire in September. Kevin will work out group pay & placement within the faire with her. Brad plans to

blacksmith for us at that faire as well, as Gray Wolf is out of the state.

- Members did a very good job of talking with the public to teach them crafts, invite them to our encampment, or offer to fight

them/show them sword skills.

- With a larger group attending faires, we learned that sometimes there are too many people doing one thing and not enough doing other

things. Please offer to do tasks/help out if asked to pitch in with: set up/tear down of the camp site, starting/maintaining the fires, cooking

community meals, packing up things in the shop tent after close/setting it up prior to open, gathering/storing weapons/helmets from the

ring in a safe, dry place after close, fetch water, etc. Rotate with manning the shop tent and being in the ring to allow others to have a

break. We all get tired and hot (or cold based on the weird weather this year) and things go much faster and the experience is much more

fun if we all work together.

- Also, please don't forget to pick up after yourselves (trash/ mundane items) and wash your own/borrowed dishes. Leaving things out

overnight can result in wet/ruined stuff, as some of us found out.

- Community meals need to be discussed ahead of time so that people can shop accordingly. Otherwise, bring enough food for yourself

to prepare yourself unless someone offers to help you cook.

- Ivan was paid for 1/2 the cost of gas money used to transport the group supplies in his trailer to/from these faires.

- It was discussed and voted on/approved to repair & expand the shop tent and buy minimal supplies needed to build 2 more group tents

(not only to expand our encampment but for new members to sleep in until they can afford to get their own tents). Plans were drawn

up/agreed upon based on historical accuracy. It was also approved to purchase buckles & leather for leatherworking, as we are selling

the pouches/sword frogs we make to the public (or to members for material cost).

- We will be having a campout at Ivan & DoraMae's home from 6/21 (with set up starting at 4pm) through 6/23. We will: help Ivan

cut/stack trees for wood he is giving to the group to use for fire wood at faires, shopping for/building/repairing the tents, practicing our

sword fighting, paint a sign/our crests, swimming, etc.

- Other things discussed: 
*marking your own shanai, using your own during faire, and giving the public one of the group's shanai's to prevent people's personal

property from getting damaged 

*purchase of a 3rd fire pit & making a second spit for the fire *redoing the Facebook member page (not the main FB page) as people

were added that are not members and attempts to have Sennie switch over administrator to a current member have failed

*having each member pitch in $5 per fair to buy ice/charcoal/lighter fluid so that people aren't getting it/not getting any individually

(we'll then make a run to the nearest store)

*switching our bank due to continued issues being able to access the account to check the balance via internet/getting bank statements in

the mail

*making blunted quarterstaffs/spears/axes

*Francis, Jake, and Andrew are also willing to join the group (with Tabitha, John, Scott, Brian, & Terry) to do a choreographed routine.

Practice times for this may have to be scheduled right before/after sword practices to make it work for everyone's schedule.




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe