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         Warwick Journal       April 2013





04/06/2013 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


- We were not able to get enough volunteers that could get together at the same time to do a full choreographed routine at this time, so we will focus on unchoreographed fighting for faire.

- John plans to be in full armor by the Des Moines Faire and is going to work with Scott on that fighting style to prepare. Tabitha and Braulio are also going to practice with them and work on getting full armor.

- A list of camping gear for faires was discussed/created

- During faire hours: please stay in character/call each other by character name/use proper language for the era/no swearing, keep all mundane stuff hidden with burlap/tarps or put away, welcome the public to our camp and offer to teach them skills.

- We have members able to teach/demonstrate the following: making chainmail armor/jewelry, sword fighting/archery, leatherworking, musical instruments/singing, brewing, & blacksmithing/armoring.

- Doing a group demonstration at the Valley Junction Farmer's Market on a Thursday from 4-8pm between May and Oct. was discussed.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe