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         Warwick Journal       February 2013





02/02/2013 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



Those in attendance: Kevin, John, Terry, Tabitha, Raheem, Richard, Brad, Brian, JoAnn, Josh, Candie, Braulio, & Stephanie

- Please be sure any weapons/armor you plan to purchase/have made is historically accurate and safe (approved by our crown marshal, Terry, for use)

- Anyone interested in putting together a choreographed routine: Tabitha, John, Scott, Brian, Terry (he offered to use his home for this practice if needed)

- We plan on tightening up our practice time to better prepare for upcoming faires: stretching, fives, small group learning with separate instructors (new members/more advanced members), and whole group unchoreographed fighting/games

- The idea of updating our group website to be more user friendly was addressed. Could Don add Brad as an administrator and get his support to get things updated/posted in a timely manner? (Brad knows how to work with this type of web page.)

- The policies & procedures need to be updated for accuracy.

- The idea of reviewing/changing the ranks requirements to be knighted, etc. was discussed but not passed at this time.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe