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         Warwick Journal       December 2012 & January 2013





12/2012 & 01/2013 Warwick Members Meeting notes:



In Dec., we discussed raising the membership dues a little bit due to rising insurance costs. The group voted that new member dues would go up to $50/yr. and renewal member dues would go up to $20/yr. A new form will be posted to the website soon and a hard copy was handed out at the Jan. meeting. Please fill out a new membership form and a medical form to turn in with your dues to JoAnn/Brian by the end of January. 
Brad F. is working on making arrangements to start archery practices twice/month which will likely be on a Mon. or Thurs. night at Barefoot Traditions.
Josh K. is taking over arts and crafts from JoAnn S. After each monthly meeting, a demonstration will take place for those that are interested in participating. Tabitha H. volunteered to do jewelry making after the Feb. meeting. The group will provide the needed materials, so the items made will belong to the group to be sold at faires unless you want to buy the item at material cost.
Kevin spoke to Jenice, and she is going to take on doing the heraldry and JoAnn will assist her. Kevin discussed adjusting some of the officer positions (combining a couple and maybe adding one). Some officer/deputy positions may then be open. He plans to bring final information on them to the next meeting.
We agreed to plan the next feast on Mar. 2nd at 5pm at the church. John B., JoAnn S., and Brian S. volunteered to be servers. If anyone else would like to be a server, let Kevin/Brian know. 
It was announced that we are registered for & will be paid to attend the Middle Amana Ren. Faire Memorial Day weekend (May 24-27). 
We have been invited to return to the Des Moines Ren. Faire starting Labor Day weekend (end of Aug./beginning of Sept.) and are negotiating which weekends we will go and how much we will get paid. 
We also accepted an invitation to attend and will be paid for the Bellevue, NE Ren. Faire on Mother's Day weekend (May 11-12) since enough members expressed interest in going. 
It was discussed that new members should focus on obtaining period clothing and tents, perfecting their sword fighting/craft techniques, and choosing their persona name/history/crest. Longer standing members who sword fight may want to work on obtaining armor and advancing with their weapon/weapons. 
Ivan U. & Dora U. have agreed to take over managing the Civil War Division and would like to get the group registered for the Keokuk Reenactment (April 27-28) and join another unit there. Kevin is working on this. Let Ivan or Dora know if you are interested in attending.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe