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         Warwick Journal       November 2012





11/03/2012 Warwick Members Feast/Meeting notes:


19 members & guests were present for the feast, the wooden dishware that was recently obtained for the group was put to good use, and there were some great renaissance dishes brought for everyone to enjoy. Richard instructed/assisted Conner & Duncan Bennett to be servers for the first time, and Andrea & ReAuna entertained the court by singing a few period-appropriate songs before attempting to teach the group how to sing a couple of them. Brian also announced that Andrew Yenzer was designated as our youth sword instructor, and Lisa Yenzer (who is a nurse by profession) was appointed as Hospitaler in Mark's absence. Kevin later informed the newer members of the group that some offices/deputy offices may be opening up after the first of the year, as some of the older members holding those offices have stated that they filled these roles to keep the group going after leadership changed hands from Don to Kevin in March and may/may not want to continue those responsibilities, so if anyone is interested let him know. Next, Brad F. announced that we will begin archery practice up again twice/month, it was voted that this should not begin until January due to people's holiday plans, the local archery range's hours/schedule/prices/location and member availability/interest was discussed, and it was decided that practices will either be on Monday/Wednesday evenings. Once final arrangements are made, the dates/times will be posted and members without Facebook will be called. JoAnn also stated that she would be working on arts/crafts each Tuesday evening during sword practice if anyone would like ot join her to work on their craft projects as well. Plans are also being made to present an arts/crafts activity after monthly meetings to those that are interested in learning them (provided supplies are available). If a member would like to present something they have learned, please let JoAnn know. Finally, Kevin discussed getting/trying out some new weapons besides the swords and 2 staffs that we already have (spears, axes, daggers, etc.) as long as they are period appropriate and can be used safely. It was also mentioned that if anyone is interested in doing woodworking, Josh Kingery has a shop he is willing to allow others to use with him, and if anyone wants to start obtaining/making metal armor, Scott Podojil will take orders/set up times to teach you.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe

On this 20th day of April, 2014.