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         Warwick Journal       October 2013




Warwick Meeting Notes - 10/05/2013 at 6pm at the church


10/05/2013 Warwick Members Meeting notes:


Those in attendance: Kevin, Brian, JoAnn, Jake, Don, Brad, Kirk (& son), Ben, Kasi (& son), Heather, Tabitha (& kids), Andrew, Richard, Terry, Josh, Candie (& daughter)

♦ A few members went to see a local weapon smith, Joshua McEntire w/ Razor's Edge Knife & Sword. He can make unpolished swords for $200 or a polished sword for $275, if anyone is interested. He is loaning us a test blade to try out.

♦ It was voted that we give the church a donation of $50, pass the hat for a collection at the feast, and bring canned food items or clean used clothing to practices to donate in the next month.

♦ It was voted that Kerry and Marcus would be replaced on the high council by Richard and Ben due to their choice not to renew their memberships.

♦ JoAnn was asked to add events to the calendar on the Warwick website. Don will send her the information via email.

♦ Terry, Ivan, & Brian are starting a brewer’s guild. If anyone else is interested in learning, let one of them know.

♦ The feast is being held on Nov. 2nd starting at 6pm. Terry plans to present on chivalry, Andrea & ReAuna are going to sing/do riddles, and JoAnn is having her paging ceremony done. Josh, John, & Andrew have volunteered to be servers.

♦ We discussed things we want to do over the next year: 

- hand out candy/promote ourselves at the Valley Junction Pumpkin Wall on Sunday 10/27 (Tabitha looking into this.)

- Bell ringing for the Salvation Army/singing this winter to promote ourselves (Terry will sign us up if we want to do this.)

- Ivan's trailer is getting quite full. If we get any more tents/supplies, we will likely need to rent a U-Haul for out of town faires. It was discussed that an enclosed flat bed trailer can be built for about $400. Josh S. said he would talk to his dad about borrowing a trailer if needed to save money.

- repair/make covers for the shop tents

- paint/seal the billboard

- finish the members' crests (JoAnn) and make a display for them (Richard) to place by the arena/rink

- do more/different faires
* Amana (Greg invited us back next year)
* Des Moines & Dubuque (Lynne invited us back to both)
* Bellevue (they are charging us to camp there more than last year, so not going)
* apply to go to Quad Cities/other faires in Iowa?
* add Pirate Festival in Clear Lake
* add Civil War Reenactment in Marshalltown

- get contracts/something in writing from Lynne, since the pay has now changed 
at the last minute 2 years in a row




Submitted Respectively by Yours,

JoAnn Scharlau, scribe

On this 6th day of October, 2013.