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         Warwick Journal       May 2012




Warwick Meeting Notes - 5/12/12 at 6pm at the church
Those in attendance: Kevin, Brian, JoAnn, Brad F., Ivan, & Dora
- Kevin asks that all members be registered (turn in a 2012 membership form & check to see that information on the medical form is still correct) and up to date on their dues by 5/19/12. If there is an issue preventing this, please contact Kevin or Brian to discuss the situation/make alternate plans. Members will not be allowed to participate in group practices/events without being registered and paying dues beyond that date. This is due to insurance liability...we don't want someone to get hurt and then not be covered.
- Each division (Renaissance/Civil War/Pirate) needs to set at least one practice time per month in addition to our monthly meeting. The Renaissance Division is up and running regularly, but it would be nice to see the Pirate & Civil War Divisions get things going regularly as well. This is especially important with the Amana Faire approaching, as we want to have a date, time, and location to refer new people to go to who are interested in possibly joining. Heads of these divisions need to contact the Officer of Schedules with these practice times each month as well as notify Kevin of what will be done there (training, crafts, etc.) in case he is contacted by someone interested who might want to attend/check it out.
- We all get busy with other obligations and Warick is a hobby, but please make every effort to participate in meetings & practices prior to upcoming events, as we need to know that everything is ready to go and that enough people are commited to attending the event. To be able to do a well rounded performance during an event, at least 6 people are needed. To attend an event w/out doing performances (only demonstrations), at least 4 people need to commit to going.
- Kevin or the Steward will attempt to attend each Division's events at least partially to be available to give out information to potential members, etc.
- Past events that the Civil War Division participated in was discussed: Keokuk, Leon, Pioneer Days in Ft. Dodge, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa Veteran's Home in Marshalltown Iowa.
- Past events that the Pirate Division participated in: Keokuk, and Iowa Veteran's Home in Marshalltown Iowa.
- It was noted that all upcoming and past events can be found on the internet so that Warick can begin planning ahead.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,


JoAnn Scharlau, scribe


On this 13th day of May, 2012.