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         Warwick Journal       March 2012




Warwick Meeting Notes - 3/30/12
Those in attendance: Kevin, Brian, JoAnn, Jake, Brad F., Terry, Kerry, Ivan, & Dora
1. A discussion was held about the history of Warwick, what has been done in the past at different events, and what each member wants to get out of the group from now on.
- It was shared that each event in the past was a little different (which is nice because then people don't know what to expect), was based on what talents each member brought to
the group, and depended on what other vendors were there (as we cannot copy what other vendors are doing).
- Past events including: camping, sword fighting, an archery lane, story telling, seamstress work, blacksmithing, cooking, dagger toss/hatchet throwing, and arts & sciences
(painting shields, etc.).
2. We then discussed what we have planned so far for the Amanas Event (last weekend of May) and ideas of other things that members want to do there.
- During shows:
*Kevin & Brian - choreographed unarmored combat
*Ivan & Scott - choreographed full armored combat
(Scott's followers: Brian, JoAnn, & Jake)
(Ivan's followers: Kevin, Dora, & Andrew)
*Marshalled non-choregraphed sword fighting
(To teach history, compare choreographed fighting shown in the movies to non-choreographed fighting that would have actually taken place.)
- During time between shows:
*Activities/Booths: games area -1 at a time (Kerry), time period cooking (Dora), chain mail (Brian), sword fighting challenges, informational flyer/brochure area for those interested in joining Warwick
*Repair/improve Warwick items (dagger toss, archery lane, etc.)
3. Fundraising ideas?
- $2.00 donation for sword classes for the public using painted/wrapped wooden dowels lasting only a few minutes
- $5.00 donation for someone from the public to swird fight with a Warwick member for 5 minutes
- $3.00 mini shield/crest painting for kids & share history about how families created their coat of arms (JoAnn)
- A percentage of any proceeds from sold items go to the Faire, and the rest goes to the Warwick fund
4. How can we involve members/newcomers who don't want to sword fight but want to learn other trades?
- Set up a meeting time for non-sword fighting activities if enough interest is expressed
- Plan a future camp out at a time/location other than during a renaissance faire at a park/member's home
(Advertise the camp out in free papers: The Shopper, Cityview, Juice, & Craig's List)
5. Anything else?
- JoAnn is painting a larger shield of each member's registered crest to be hung at one end of the ring on a stand. Please turn in your crest and choose a persona name if you have
not yet done so. [Ivan & Dora turned their crest/blazon in today, and Kevin chose his persona name - Theodore Edward Barrett & stated he emailed JoAnn his crest]
- Please inventory all Warwick supplies and bring a list to the next meeting.
- If you have not yet paid your dues and filled out a new membership form for this year, please do so by next month's meeting.
- Brad asked that Ivan get at least 1/2 of his gas money covered by Warwick to haul Warwick's supplies to and from the Amanas. A vote was held and it was approved. The proper document must be filled out and have 2 officers' signatures on it.
- Sword fighting practices are being held every Tues. & Sat. night from 6pm-8pm @ the church unless another location is announced, as the Irish Dancers/other church
groups have that area reserved on certain days each month.
- The next renaissance faire we plan on participating in after the Amanas is the one in Des Moines.


Submitted Respectively by Yours,


JoAnn Scharlau, scribe


On this 8th day of April, 2012.