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         Warwick Journal       March 2012




Warwick Meeting Notes - 2/25/12 & 3/4/12
Due to Don's announcement that he and Julie are moving to Florida, he relinquished his role as Director of Warwick and offered the position to others in the group. Kevin Slater stepped forward and is taking over so that the group may continue. Those two will be meeting privately to review the Warwick Book, and the group will receive a copy. The Articles of Incorporation will also be updated and submitted, since we are a non-profit organization. Other key information such as: member contact information, insurance, upcoming events, the bank account, group documents, etc. will be discussed and passed along as well. Don has also graciously donated some event items to the group that he will not be taking with him, and Ivan will be storing many group items in a trailer on his property. A list of those items was given to Ivan so that he may keep track of them. Kerry has the group games that were donated. Richard stated that he will be donating some event items that he was working on to Warwick as well, because he is officially leaving the group. Many members wanted to reliquish/change their roles as officers as well, so those positions were reviewed and reassigned. Kevin has this list. Don is updating this information on the website and will continue to run the website at this time. His e-mail and phone number will not be changing. The Pirate Division will continue and be led by Terry Brockman, and the Civil War Division will continue and be led by Mark Riney. If members have questions about how the group will proceed, including questions about the Renaissance Division, Kevin can be contacted at: 515-771-8534. We are still preparing to attend the Amana Faire (May 26-28), and the Pirate Division is planning to attend the Midland Pirate Festival in Nebraska (May 5-6). Pirate Division practices will be announced as they are scheduled. The Renaissance Division's broad sword practices will continue on Saturdays, and it was discussed that a second practice may be added during a week day. Dates, times, and locations will be announced at a later time. Terry agreed to continue as crown marshall for upcoming events, and Scott, Ivan, and Brad will assist as deputy marshalls. All weapons must be inspected by Terry for each event. Don, Julie, and Richard will be missed!



Submitted Respectively by Yours,


JoAnn Scharlau, scribe


On this 4th day of March, 2012.