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         Warwick Journal       February 2012




Members in Attendance: Don Richardson (Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick), Richard Cooper (Lord Anthony Ashly Cooper), Andrea, Brian Scharlau, JoAnn Scharlau, & Jacob Scharlau

Old Business
Submit the following to Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick:
 1) Anything you want  to be put on the meeting agenda at least a week prior to the next monthly member's meeting
 2) What nationality and persona new members are going to portray and what you would like to teach/demonstrate.  Lord Rich needs a list of who is doing what demos and for what nation before our Amana Faire.
   * nationalities used can be anything historically accurate from the Renaissance period, and ideas are listed on the website if you need a reference.
- E-mail Count Roberte Riche Lord Earl of Warwick at: don@latentstudios.com with your Nationality and demo/show.
New Business

Officer's Reports:
The Herald's report was submitted.

Discussion of shows for the Amana Faire:
There will be 3 shows/day for the Amana Faire Sat. May 26, Sun. May 27, & Mon. May 28th [Memorial Day]).  The show times will be determined by the organizer of the Amana Faire and scheduled so they do not take place at the same time as the joust.

  The 1st show will be before noon.  The idea for this show was to give a little bit of history about the group, briefly introduce each members character prior to the sword fighting, including the introduction of the pirates' group.  First part of the show will be the choreographed show, then the herald will explain how that is Hollywood.  Next will be the unarmored non-choreographed show.  At the end of the second part of the show while the herald or substitute is speaking, he/she will be interrupted by two men clad in full suits of armor come into the arena area from two directions and start an argument which will end in a challenge that will be announced to happen at the time of the second show in the afternoon.
  The 2nd show will have a different choreographed show and then non-choreographed show.  The Full armored combatants will be introduced as a new addition to the Warwick Living History Origination and the show will begin with introductions and insults.
  The 3rd show will be a continuation of dialogue from the second show and same order as 2nd show.

Throughout the day:
The faire-goers, if interested will be allowed to learn the basics from the members of Warwick in the arena area.  If a person would like to go against one of our sword fighters for a $5 donation then we will ablige per the rules of the game.

Discussion of the Marshals' of Warwick:
Lord Zouch Brookman is the Crown Marshal of Warwick and all decisions must be reviewed and decided upon by him.
  - Scott is purposed to be the Marshal for Full-Armored Combat.
  - Mark R. is purposed to be the Marshal for the Non-Armored Choreographed Combat.
  - Lord Cooper, Ulrich, & Ben are purposed to be the Marshals' for NON-Choreographed Non-Armored Combat.

Campsite cooking discussion:
Kevin has volunteered to be our campsite cook.  This has been attempted in the past with little success, let's see if we can pull this off at the Amana Faire.  The plan is to have a cooking/night gathering area where we will have the fire pits in front of a cooks tent with social chairs and table. 
Ideas shared on how we would like to handle meals and cost:  Offer a prepared group supper on both Saturday & Sunday evenings.  If you are interested in being part of this, give $5.00 per person per meal to Lord Riche prior to the faireso that Kevin can purchase the needed food for those meals.  Everyone can bring their own meals otherwise but still share the fire and great company.

Preparing for the Renaissance Faire:
  Does everyone have what they need to participate at this event (period clothing, approved swords, tent, ect.)?

  Lord Riche has plans on how to make a dish box for the cook tent and other cook area needs.  Also plans on period wood chairs, tables and other equipment, if you would like to purchase some wood and need some help with making items, he has wood working equipment and will help with your project(s).

  The campsite rules were reviewed and a copy will be sent out to the members e-mails.

Church donations:
  The church where Warwick does it's sword classes and members meetings is nice enough to let us use their building for just donations.  We have not had much participation on this, a few members have paid extra to make a difference but that is weak.  I have looked for a long time to get a place cheep enough and just for a room for a meeting, most places want $35 for an hour.  I ask that each member bring at least $1 per person at each function.  Please don't forget to bring at least a dollar to donate to the church for the use of their facility at the next practice or meeting you attend.



Submitted Respectively by Yours,


JoAnn Weigel


On this 3rd day of February, 2012.