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         Warwick Journal       November 2011




Members in Attendance: Don Richardson (Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick), Richard Cooper (Lord Anthony Ashly Cooper), Brad Franz (Ethen Wyllomyre), Sennie Kerby, Scott Podojil, Brian Scharlau, JoAnn Scharlau (who was designated to be the new scribe), & Jacob Scharlau

Old Business
Submit the following to Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick:
 1) Anything you want  to be put on the meeting agenda at least a week prior to the next monthly member's meeting
 2) What nationality and persona new members are going to portray and what you would like to teach/demonstrate (a list of interests was passed around to choose from)
   * nationalities used can be anything historically accurate from the Renaissance period, and ideas are listed on the website if you need a reference.
We discussed what got members interested in Warwick, what we can do to keep it exciting, ideas for activities next year, and what members expect from being a part of this group.
- E-mail Count Roberte Riche Lord Earl of Warwick at: don@latentstudios.com with comments or suggestions.
   * There is also a message board on the Warwick Living History facebook page that some members are using for this.
   * We want to assure that as members begin to purchase items to use for our activities that they are correct for the period in history we are reenacting. If you are unsure if something is appropriate, ask the following members to approve the item: Clothing - Lady Jenette Charbonneaux, Weapons - Lord Zouch Brookman, Armor - Scott Podojil, & Campsite - Count Roberte Riche Lord Earl of Warwick.
   * We want to assure that a differentiation is made between Warwick Living History and other re-enactment groups, we are living history not re-enactment. Our rules are much different and are in the process of being updated for our full plate armor fighting style that we will be initiating next year (2012) . We discussed using a point system with flags for tournament fighting with a crown marshal judging/assigning points (as you cannot feel all of the blows in full armor). For honor fighting, the goal is to get your opponent to submit by putting them on the ground.
   * We will need more instructors as the group grows: one person to work on skills and activities with the kids & 1-2 sword fighters with moderate skills to train new members (who would need to go through an intense training session) so that the advanced fighters can teach their skills to the advancing members.
   * If you are interested in holding an officer's position, let Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick know, and he will send you that officer's manual for you to review before deciding to take the job.
   * Sennie Kerby has made contact with some local stores (Hobby Lobby, etc.), requesting donations to our non-profit organization, such as funds or craft materials.
New Business
Budget update from Steward of Warwick
- Kerry Riney (Lady Engelise of Norham) was not in attendance, if you are a member of Warwick and interested in what is in the treasury, contact Lady Engelise of Norham or Lord Roberte Riche.

Officer's Reports
- There are some new videos currently being edited that were shot on Ivan Ulrich (Wolfgang Ullrich)'s property with a background of trees that look great so far. Once done, these can be added to the website as it is being updated.
- Drawn plans were passed around and approved for a stand to hold each members family crest and a lance stand, both to be used at our events. An idea for a weapons stand was also discussed.

Update Contact List
- A list was passed around containing each member's: mundane name, persona name, office (if you hold one), birthday, division(s) of the group you participate in, and contact information that was approved to be shared. This list was reviewed by those in attendance for accuracy, and missing information was added.

December Schedule for Sword Fighting Class & Officer's Meeting
- The December Officer's Meeting will be held at St. Luke's Episcopal Church on 12/3/2011 from 6:00-8:00 pm.
- Make a post on our facebook page or e-mail Earl Roberte Riche of Warwick if you have an obligation that will interfere with our practices on the other Saturdays.
- No class will be held on 12/24/2011 or 12/31/2011 due to the Christmas Eve and New Years' Eve holidays.

Anniversary Feast
- This will be held in January. The date will be decided at the next Officer's Meeting in December.
- Past members will be invited to the feast, as they may decide to rejoin now that the group is growing and more active with all the new changes.
- Each member will be bringing a historically accurate dish, and we will be wearing period clothing. This includes both our Renaissance Division and our Civil War Division.
- Have an idea of what dish you would like to bring, activity ideas, and proposed dates in mind for the feast in January? bring them to the meeting in December.

Donations to the Church (for our use of their space)
- In December, the church is having a canned food drive for needy families. Bring a canned food item or some money to put in the donation box one of the times you attend Warwick during the month of November. Also, I Lord Roberte Riche am asking each member to bring at least a $1.00 donation to each sword training session and each monthly meeting held at the church for use of the rooms that they have granted us the use of.




Submitted Respectively by Yours,


JoAnn Weigel


On this 5th day of November, 2011.