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         Warwick Journal       July 2010




   As 2010 approaches the halfway mark, Warwick has another Amana Renaissance faire under its belt as of the Memorial Day weekend.  This year, the encampment was quite impressive, with 7 tents.   All three of the faire days were quite warm and shade was a valuable commodity, which Warwick was able to provide a bit of with the demo tent.  Lord Riche sold some of the weapons he has had since his shop closed, and was kind enough to donate some of the proceeds to the group.    Lord Anthony Ashley Cooper has decided he has to mix it up a bit in the way he shows the patrons the chain mail next year, since he had a few returnees from last year who spoiled the surprise by informing the newbie racers that he didn’t run all the way to the tree during the chain mail shirt race.


   Robert Riche, Gilliam Swafford, Anthony Ashley Cooper nad Ethan Wyllowmyre were the only members in attendance at the July members meeting.  The main subjects of the meeting were how to promote the group and what focus the group should have at this time.  Since its inception, Warwick has gone through a number of transitional periods, and this seems to be another one.  Many members have other priorities now that make it difficult to dedicate a lot of time to the group, but everybody seems to want to somehow keep it alive.  Warwick is not just a group of people coming together with a common interest. The members of Warwick have meshed into a type of family, and we hope to always have the ability to continue as such.  


   Lord Cooper is working on a promotional video to upload onto YouTube eventually, which will be a great way to get word about the group out there.  He is also working on making and painting a number of 18x24 shields to display at future encampments. 


   Sword fighting is once again taking a front row in Warwick’s priorities, as it seems that the members who are able to be the most active at this time want that above all other activities.  Lord Cooper is able to conduct classes on Saturdays in public to any interested parties.  Lord Riche said he will attend as often as he is able to as well.  He plans to contact previous members of Warwick and previous sword fighting students to see if any of them would be interested in attending as well.  We will once again be looking into being affiliated with ARMA so our group will have some sort of national recognition. This was looked into in the past but it was not feasible at the time, however, they have changed some of their policies and procedures in how to become certified, so we may be able to do something now.  Taking a small group of fighters to further away events is another idea, since there are so few events now in Iowa.  This would depend on the availability of members in reference to work, finances and personal commitments, but may be something that can be done at times, to gain more acquaintances and potential associate members for Warwick.


   One of the things that has always worked well for Warwick at events is to have a fighting ring set up and offer the patrons a chance to go up against the Warwick member of their choice.   Getting some appropriate posts done by September’s event is a high priority so that we may again have a working ring.   Lord Wyllowmyre and Lord Cooper will be working on this. 


   Lord Riche believes that it is important to have shade, both for the members and the patrons, since it seems as though we are always told to set up our encampments in areas that have no trees.  He is working on some designing some simple canvas shade coverings that can be placed near the sword ring. 



   We are looking forward to the next faire, which is at Sleepy Hollow during the second weekend of September.   With luck and hard work to get the planned projects completed in time, Warwick should once again put on a strong showing at the event.  



Submitted Respectively by Yours,


Lady Gillian Swafford


On this 10th day of July, 2010.