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         Warwick Journal       November 2009




Greetings. This is the journal entry for the fall season of the year 2009. As the year starts to wind down to a close thoughts of the New Year start to emerge. This year wasn’t as historical or as busy as years past but it was a good year anyway despite all the hardship and changes that has fallen upon the members of the group this year. Things are looking up though, we are starting plans for next year and people’s lives are getting back to normal, so 2010 looks to be prosperous year.


We do have to recognize the great outcome and experience most of us had at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire this September. It was a wonderful weekend, we had a great turn out of members and what the members brought to the whole experience is something they should all be proud of. We got great reviews from the staff and visitors of the faire and we may be doing this again next year. Thanks to all the hard work you put in for a wonderful three day holiday weekend. Huzzah goes out to Lady Jennete Charbonneaux who obtained her Knighthood at the event and to Danielle Cooper for being officially recognized as her page. We are proud of both of you.


We are starting the planning of our 5 year Anniversary celebration which will be held on January 9, 2010. Please check the website for specific details on time and events.



The time may change so watch the website as the date gets closer. It looks to be an evening of fun and celebration. It will be a costumed event and potluck dinner for all members of all divisions. We are planning games and activities currently, if you have any suggestions please contact Don or Julie. We are currently planning and putting together a game that will be played and it does require the assistance of all members to make it really fun. We are going to play the game “Pass the Parcel”. It requires that members wrap layers of fabric with tokens or prizes or forfeits in each layer with a nicer prize to be found by the winner in the middle. What we need help with is for each member to get a prize or token and to write out one forfeit. A forfeit is like a misfortune. Example: the person who unwrapped this layer may have to sing a silly song, recite a funny poem, so some kind of a dare and so on, be creative but tasteful and we have children that will be playing as well. If you choose to bring a forfeit that is a poem or song please bring the words with you as the person might not know the words that specific song or poem. We may schedule a work day prior to the event or a few hours earlier that night to assemble it. Please watch the website for more details on how this will be put together.

There will also be some ceremonies taking place that evening. One will be a Knighting and Page ceremony and we will also have our A& S competition finally, so if you have made a period item that you would like to enter into the competition please bring it with you.



There will be prizes awarded to the winners. Please plan to attend and if you have any questions on what to get for the game, what to bring for the potluck, or information on the Arts and Science competition please contact Don or Julie.


One last reminder, as the end of the year approaches our memberships will be expiring at the end of the year. The renewal fee is $15.00 and I will have membership forms available for anyone who needs one or you can print off one off our website. We do allow a 30 day grace period so you have at the latest until the end of January to get these forms and fee’s turned into Don or I.


Have a great holiday season, enjoy the time with your friends and families. Hope to see you all at the Anniversary Celebration.



Yours in Service,


Lady Engelise Norham

AKA Harriett Shacklett

AKA Kerry Riney



Respectively submitted this 14th day of November in the year 2009.