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         Warwick Journal       May 2009




Greetings to all the members of Warwick. I hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather we have been having. These are the notes from our last business meeting on May 2, 2009.


Topics of discussion at this monthly meeting were as follows:


1.   Lady Jennete Charbonneaux had some books and materials to show us on our old business topic of what got members interested in Warwick. She had purchased a bunch of materials for her home schooling projects and thought they would be fun to do with the kids and others in the group on Heraldry. She has project ideas and will work on somethingís that we could do on researching family histories, coats of arms, clothing and mini catapult kits. So we look forward to more projects on Heraldry as the summer progresses.

2.   The Warwick banner is almost complete and sounds like it will be very large and colorful. Don will get us more info on the cost as the project completes. This will nice for Warwick and should be ready for the Amana faire in May.

3.   The Scotch Ridge event is this coming weekend. This is a celebration for Arbor Day, Earth Day, May Day and a welcome to spring.

Warwick and many other groups will be participating and the event is a chance for groups to show what they do, and show the public how the Scotch Ridge Center is developing. Warwick will be camping there this weekend. Set up will be Friday evening after 6pm and the event will occur during the day on Saturday, May 9th. The public event starts in Carlisle at the middle school at 10am and then the public will be directed to Scotch Ridge. There will a cookout of hotdogs and marshmallows around noon. The event is open to all divisions so you can dress for any of the time lines we portray. We will also be having the A& S completion on Saturday as well. If you are not able to camp but plan on coming out for the day and competing in the competition, please have your items out to the site as early as possible for the display table. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. We will also be doing black powder demonstrations, Archery and some sword fighting, so please bring your toys if you want to be a part of the demonstrations or sword play. If you have any questions on the event or the A & S competition please feel free to call Don or myself.

4.   We also welcomed this evening two new potential members. Jack and Laura Maple. So letís make them feel welcome as they hopefully will join Warwick and become new members.


Hope to see everyone this weekend. Remember even if you are not able to camp this weekend please try to come out on Saturday before noon to help show people that Warwick has a lot to offer and that we can have lots of fun in teaching what we know.


Have a great week!


Kerry Riney

Aka Engelise Norham

Aka Harriett Shacklet