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         Warwick Journal       March 2009




Greetings to the members of Warwick. It has been some time since the last journal entry due to my maternity leave but I am back now and ready to keep everyone informed as to whatís new and upcoming for Warwick.  


I have decided to change the format of the journal now to accommodate all the different aspects of Warwick now. In times past my journals were written in a Renaissance type form and used peoples persona names but as we grow and change Iím finding out that just a more general type of journal and using members mundane names will make things easier for all of us.


Our last business meeting was held on Saturday, March 7th at St. Luke Church. Some of the things that were discussed were as follows:


1.     We are invited to participate in the 4th of July parade in Slater, IA We will be dressing in Colonial, and Civil War type dress for this event. A list was passed around as to who could confirm on being at this event. The event coordinators needed to have a definite answer and a list of names. If you were not able to attend the meeting and get on the list please contact Brad or Don to get added to the list. We will be participating in the parade which will be approximately 3 hours and then we will have a display set up for the day in which we will be doing demos and handing out information on our group.  More information will be coming in a future meeting with more specifics.


2.     We reviewed a list of upcoming fairs for the Renaissance side and it was brought up that we will need to work on our Demoís for the faire in May. Greg likes to have some scheduled times to put on the handouts plus Don mentioned that is good to have some scheduled demos, it helps draw crowds down to our area. So please be thinking of what you can do as a demo or please contact Don if youíre interested in helping in a Demo but you are not sure what you want or can do. We will also need to have some on going projects at the campsite as well throughout the day. A & S days are also good days to work on your demoís or things for the faire as well.


3.     The next event is our feast which will be next Saturday, March 14th at St Lukeís Church. The theme for this feast will be an Irish theme. Set up time is after 5pm with the feast starting at 6pm. It was decided that this will be an all division style feast, so everyone from all divisions are invited to this. Please bring some kind of Irish dish to share with the group and your feast gear. We will also be collecting a donation for the church, so please bring a dollar or two for that.  We will also be playing Put and Take, so please bring your pennies with you if you want to play. If you have anything else you would like to bring and share, examples are: music, stories, games, please feel free.


4.     The next A& S class will be held on April 11th at Premier Bowling in Pleasant Hill. This will also be combined with the Civil War meeting so everyone is invited, please bring a project to work on during the A&S class. This A& S session will also be a judged  event with cash prizes so if you have something that you have made please bring it with a description of how it was made and used in that time period. The class work time will start at 6pm with the Civil War meeting following at aprox. 8pm. There is the option to purchase food and drinks for dinner and to go bowling there afterwards if you are interested. We do get to use this room for free so it would be nice to show some patronage to the bowling alley in exchange for the free room usage.


5.     Don discussed about Warwick getting a large banner made for us to use at parades and events. For those of you who have been to past fairs you have seen the trouble we have had with banners so we are going to have a new one made that will be fancy, durable and it can be used for all divisions. More information to come on the completion of that, we will need to have it for the 4th of July parade so details will be coming out soon on that.


6.     The group did discuss the status of our mall demos. So far, we have not received a response from any mall yet on possible dates. Mark will check with them again and see if we can get a date set up for this summer.



One last thought as I end this monthís journal entry. Please remember to watch the calendar of scheduled events. This is where you will get specifics on dates and times. This calendar updates all the time as things are added or canceled so please check this spot on the website often. If at anytime you want more information on anything talked about at meetings or listed on the calendar please feel free to contact Don or myself anytime.


Keep happy and well,


Kerry Riney

Steward/Paymaster of Warwick