Warwick Journal       January 2009




Greeting Warwick members. I am going to give you a re-cap of this monthís business meeting. If you have any questions contact me.

   A reminder, membership renewals have been extended but need to be turned in by the next months members meeting on the 7th of February, the cost of renewing is only $15.00 per person and well worth it for free admission to events.

Old Business:                                                                              
    Old Business discussed at the meeting consisted of old business of course. The first thing discussed was a reminder that if you have anything you would like to be placed on the meeting agenda, this must be e-mailed or call the director (thatís me Donnie or Don or Roberte Riche or Robert Rich or just hay you).

   Events to keep in mind for this year are a 4th of July Parade being prepared by Ambassador Ethen, The Boon Railroad being prepared by Ambassador Zouch, Civil War & Old West events being prepared by Major Benjamin Shacklett, and Renaissance Faires & Celtic Events being prepared by Lord Roberte Riche.

   Probably the most important topic of the old business is what I would like to get an email from each member about (home work), when Warwick first started we did many of our shows as demoís and over the years we have changed the way we did our shows. What I would like to know is: What did you think when you first heard of Warwick Living History Group? What got you interested & what did you expect to see and do in the group? Or if you just wanted to join and find out what we do then let me know that also because from all the information I collect I will be able to come up with a master plan and discuss it with any members that attend the members meeting, not the next one but one in the near future.

 New Business:                                                                              
   Not very members attended this meeting because of various reasons and this is why memberís renewals have been extended but they can not be extended again unless you have a very good reason to give to me before the due date, only the High Council can give an extension. If you do not renew before the 7th of February then the membership goes back to the new member price of $40.00 and I hate to see this happen to anyone but we have to keep to policy.

   No budget information was gone over because the Steward just had her baby girl and was not able to attend. Congratulationsí to her for it was a hard birth and well worth it. The budget is unchanged from the last meeting so if you attended then you know.

   No Officers reports were turned in because no officers attended except the Count & Countess and that is because it was our house. That is ok because with everything going on it was expected.

   Renewals were discussed and turned in by the attendees. I wonít go over this topic again for youíve already heard it all.

   The Renaissance schedule was talked about, many events have not been confirmed yet but the ones that are confirmed will be placed on the web site calendar as they are confirmed. This year I will also be booking some Celtic Events and the same things we do at Renaissance Faires we will do at the Celtic Events. The only change you may need to do is if you do not have a persona for one of the following 6 Celtic Nations (Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, or Brittany) then you may want to research some information on one of the Nations and develop another persona for these events and also come up with a historic activity to demo at the event. If you need help with this you can find some research help on the warwick website under ďDevelop a PersonaĒ link or you can contact me & I can help you.

   Arts & Sciences will be starting again for 2009 and will be scheduled for the 3rd weekend of each month as long as there is no other activity or event taking place. Lord Marcus will be contacting the library to schedule a room for February and we will hold the Arts & Sciences Contest so bring anything that you have hand made that relates to the history of Renaissance, Celtic, Civil War, or Old West. The first place item will win 20 $1.00 gold pieces.

   Warwick is planning to put together some displays and hand out information to distribute during events and also at places such as the mall and we need volunteers to take shifts at demo tables. The table will be set up to pass out information on both divisions of Warwick to draw new members for bigger better shows because not all of us can attend every event but if we are to continue being invited to events we have to show up with enough members to make an impression on the event organizers. If you are able to give some time please e-mail me & I will put you on a list to call when we have a table to set up, at that time I will call you and set up a time during the day that you will be available to spread the word about our group. If you in need of more information please get in touch with me.

   The last thing on the agenda was the Renaissance Feast. The Countess is going to contact the church and try to get March 14th 2009 scheduled and it will be an Irish theme, so bring some good Irish food for I always come hungry.

   The meeting was mostly about things to do in 2009. I would go on with I hope you had a great 2008 but I know this is pointless for it was a lousy your for events and in general but now it is a new year, a new president, and a lot of people looking for something positive this year so itís time to do what we can and put together some really good shows for the events we will be attending this year. We are planning many new events plus we will be returning to many of our events that we have had lots of fun at. I am very excited and looking forward to this year, a lot of new opportunities have been presented to me and I will be bringing these to the meetings and presenting them to the members & we will have a lot of fun in 2009.

   Next months meeting will have a lot of important information to go over for 2009 and hope every one will come to the meeting to help develop Warwick 2009.

Yours in Service,

  Count Roberte Riche Lord Earl of Warwick

                                                       Lord Lieutenant of Essex
                                                           Lord High Admiral

              Governor in Chiefe and Lord High Admiral of the English Plantations in America


Respectively submitted this 24th day of January, in the year 2009