Warwick Journal       September 2008




Greeting Warwick members. Hope that everyone is having a great summer. I am going to give you a re-cap of this monthís business meeting. If you have any questions about any of the topics I discuss please contact myself or Don.

A reminder, any agenda items for meetings need to be submitted at least one week prior to the meeting.

Another reminder is that the October Sioux City Renaissance Faire will be the first weekend in October. Set up will be on Friday, October 3rd. The Faire runs Saturday and Sunday from 10-6.

The day trip to the Kansas City Renaissance Faire is set for Saturday, September 20th. The caravan will meet at 4:30 am and leave at 5:00 am sharply. Terry and Ivan will be driving so if you have not already talked to them and you want to go then please contact them soon.

The next topic of discussion was about our upcoming feasts. The first one will be held on October 18th. This will be a Renaissance feast and set up begins at 5pm at the church. Please remember to bring a period dish to share and if interested bring something period to do, discuss or share. There was a request for some help with designing Coats of Arms. Mark will bring some Heraldry books with him and anyone that is interested can get some help in designing their Coat of Arms.

The next feast to mark on your calendar will be the Holiday all division celebration. The date for this is set up for December 6th. Please bring a period dish or family recipe to share. Set up will begin at 5pm for this feast as well. At this feast we are planning to do an A&S competition like we had at Ivan and Doraís May picnic. There will be prizes for the winners. If you have any questions about this feast or what to submit for the competition please contact Don.

If you have any questions or suggestions for either of the upcoming feasts please contact Don.

The next topic was on sword training. Terry has not heard from the sword players on practice times so a list was compiled at the meeting and passed around on days and times that would work to get together.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done before the group is ready to participate at the Des Moines Renaissance faire next year. If you were not at the meeting and want to submit a day and time that would work for you please contact Terry soon.

Some topics that came up in final were that the group was asked to participate at Slaterís Fourth of July parade next July. There was some interest from the group on this so we will check more into that.

We also discussed some possible dates for the next movie night at Don and Julieís house. A tentative date came up for October 25th. Don will post more on the web site if this date will work for them.

One last reminder is the next Civil War/Old West Division meeting is next Saturday, September 13th at the bowling center at 7pm. Remember to bring your bowling shoes if you want to stay and bowl with the group afterwards.

There are still lots of activities going on this summer and into the fall. So please watch the calendar of events and plan to attend. Hope to see you all there.

Yours in Service,

       Engelise Norham

       Aka Harriet Shacklett

       Aka Kerry Riney


Respectively submitted this 8th day of September, in the year 2008