Warwick Journal       October 2007




Greetings to the populace of Warwick. Fall is upon us and the year will start winding down to its end. Just because fall and winter are fast upon us doesnít mean that there still not lots to do within Warwick. Remember we have our monthly business/lunch meetings, Archery practice, Sword practices are available, A&S classes, quarterly feasts, many events on the Civil War side and black powder shoots, so please come and be active in Warwick and make the most of your membership with Warwick.


During this months meeting we discussed some of the same old business item agenda topics, plus some new ones. The Clive Public Sword Demo for February of 2008 has been canceled. Another group was able to get the bid and commitment in before us so Warwick has lost this for 2008. We need to get some commitment from the sword players on the Renaissance side to get active again with practices. Lord Zouch has 3 players currently that have been playing and making practice dates if you are interested in getting in some play time before winter please give him a call to arrange a date and time to play.


There are still a few members that have not turned in their medical forms. This is a mandate by the insurance company, so if you have not completed yours please get that in ASAP. Next year we will make it part of the membership application process so that there will not be a problem in getting these in right away. Just a note also on the memberships, it will be time to renew in December so watch for future emails or mailings of membership forms to renew for 2008. The renewal cost is only $15.00.


We have set up two dates for new Renaissance/Medieval A&S classes. We have a date set for November 17th at the Altoona library. We have one member that is interested in teaching a class for that watch the schedule as more details will follow on that topic. The other date set for A&S is January 19th; this class date is open, so if anyone is interested in teaching at this class please contact the Count/Countess to schedule that.


As mentioned in previous emails we are in the active planning stage for the Holiday party in December. We are in need of decorations for the event so if anyone has any that we can borrow please contact the Countess.


 We will be arriving early that day to decorate the room plus all members are required to stay and help clean up the room when the party is over. We are also trying to get an idea of how many people will be coming and if they will be bringing guests so we can work on the invitations. Also the numbers will help us plan how we will plan the food and drinks. So please watch for emails on this and those that donít have email the Count/Countess will be attempting to call you. If anyone wants to help in the planning process but cannot attend the monthly business meetings please contact the Countess. This is going to be a fun event but it will require help from a lot of people to make it a really good event. So please plan to participate in someway to make this a great event for us all.


The last topic of discussion was on the upcoming Bloomfield event for the Civil War division. Wanted to see who was going to this and if we were camping or not at this event. It was decided that Warwick will not be camping as a group but you are welcome to attend individually. This is the last Civil War event for the year, it was a very busy year and we attended some great events this year. We will be reviewing in December or January next years schedule and see which events we will be attending for 2008.


This year has had itís ups and downs but I wanted to give a thanks to those members who have been dedicated to Warwick, who continue to work hard to make things happen, who come to meetings and events and give their thoughts and opinions. Huzahh to all of you and your hard work. Warwick is what itís members make it, so letís make next year even better. Please show your support and come have some fun. I hope everyone has a great fall season and look forward to seeing you all soon.


Reminder please watch the schedule for upcoming events and watch the emails for upcoming announcements, if you do not have email and want to know whatís going on or have comments, ideas or just want to plan a get together, give any us a call, anytime.


Yours in service,


Lady Engelise Norham

Steward of Warwick

Aka Harriett Shacklett