Warwick Journal       July 2007




Greetings one and all! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer. Some of you I have seen on a regular basis and some I have not seen for some time. I hope that life if being kind to you all.

Here are the updates from our Julyís monthly business meeting. Thanks for those members who took time out of their busy lives to come have lunch and good discussion. We appreciate their time and their opinions.


On the Renaissance division:


Sword play was a topic of discussion again. We are going to look at some possible dates to set up for a tournament. Also we had some discussion about setting up some dates to play at Grays Lake again. As always any player that wants to get together and make a practice date can call Lord Zouch and set up a time to get together to practice. Other members have stated they are pretty open into joining in and pretty flexible on times in the evening and on weekends. So please contact Lord Zouch if you want to set up a practice date.

We do have an issue of needing to discuss a disciplinary action with one of our members but due to the lack of attendance at this monthís meeting we decided to table this discussion until next months meeting.

It is important that this issue be addressed but to be fair we do need to have our members present to discuss this issue and its impact with this. So this item will be moved to next monthís agenda.


Items pertaining to both divisions:


We started early this year planning the Warwick holiday party. We are exploring ideas and dates for the December holiday party. We are first trying to get a room at a Church that several or our members used for their Scottish dancing class. This is a large place that will hold lots of guests and is by donation only. We may have the ability to use this room for our future feasts as well. The Countess will be contacting them for availability and for more information and will be updating us at the next meeting. Our holiday party this year will be a more open, welcoming event. We will make like a Masquerade type of party. Both divisions are invited, now that we have Civil War only members, plus we will be inviting our families to join us as well. We are starting the discussions on food, activities and so on. So if you are interested in what goes with this please come to the meetings to help in the planning. More information to come on dates and times ect.

The next meeting for our business meeting will be held on a Sunday in August due to conflicts with the schedules for many members. So mark the date, next meeting will be Sunday, August 12, 2007 at 2pm at the Altoona library. After our business meeting the Civil War division will have its monthly meeting. So that weekend we will do two in one day. Then the next business meeting will be held at the Amana Colonies Renaissance faire the first weekend of September.

Reminder if you have not turned in a medical form we need these turned in for both divisions. They are very important for us to have on file for insurance purposes. Please contact Lord Marcan Aka Major Shacklett if you do not have your form completed.


On the Civil War Division:


We discussed the idea of being in next yearís Fourth of July parade. A couple of members expressed interest in this and will look more into this and see about the Urbandale or a small town parade that has military or historical people in their parades. The Mayor will look into this and get back to the group with more information on this.

We also reviewed the upcoming events, the New Virginia event on the July 15th, the Marshalltown event the weekend of July 27th- 29th, the Battle of Athens the weekend of August 3rd-5th, the Mason City event the 18th and the White Oak event the 25th-26th. And donít forget the one Historical Outfitters (Don Richardson a.k.a. Roberte Riche) is hosting the 1800ís timeline event on September 21st-23rd.


Major Shacklett has come up with a newsletter for the Civil War division members that will update them on events, meetings, and more. This will help keep those members who are not able to attend the members to keep up with the divisionís busy schedule. Once he gets the first issue done he will mail this out to the members who have missed the recent meetings.

One last reminder any submissions for topics for the agenda for the monthly meetings need to be turned into the Count aka the Mayor at least one week prior to the meeting.


Enjoy the rest of your summer and hope to see you at one of our next meetings, or events.


Respectively submitted this 7TH day of July, 2007


Lady Engelise Norham aka

Harriett Shacklett