Warwick Journal       March 2007




Greetings Warwick members. I hope everyone is surviving the Iowa winter weather. This is a new version of the Warwick Journal. Now that Warwick has its first new Civil War only division member the Warwick journal will now cover both divisions for Warwick. Remember this is an information news letter to update those that are not able to attend the monthly members meeting. We would like to see more members attend the monthly meeting. It is a lot a fun plus here is where you have your chance to add your ideas and comments to help Warwick grow as an organization.


So speaking of the monthly members meeting, we have now changed the date for this event. It will now be held the first Saturday of the month at 2pm at the Waveland Café. If you would like to dine with us please arrive at least 30 minutes early to place your food order. This change will take place with April’s meeting. So mark your calendar to Saturday, April 7th at 2pm to join us for dining and discussions.


The decals have come in now and are now available for purchase. The price on these is $4.00 each. They turned out very nicely. There are two designs available. Please contact Lord Marcan or myself if you have an order in or would like to purchase one of our few extras.


Now here is where I will divide the discussion into the separate divisions. First the Renaissance division discussions:


We are sad to announce that Lady Anne Nevyll has resigned her A&S officer position for Warwick. So if anyone is interested in this position to please contact Count Riche.


We handed out A&S sheets today to review to see what kinds of classes we could schedule and what things members are willing to teach. If you are interested in teaching something for A&S please contact Count Riche or myself regarding this.


Isadora Ullrich has offered her home for the fall feast in August.  She will be trying to come up with a theme for this feast if anyone has any ideas on this to please let her know.  There is the possibility for this event to turn into an overnight campout feast. She will check some dates with Ivan and get back to us on a possible date.


Now on to the discussions for the Civil War division:


We welcome our first new Civil War only member. Her name is Dawn and she will go by the persona of Dawn Righney. Those who were able to attend the festival at the Historical museum a few weeks ago you were able to meet her. For those that haven’t had the chance to meet her, she is the sister to Mark Riney. We welcome her to Warwick! 


We discussed during the meeting today that at our next meeting on Saturday, March 10th that the topic of this class will be children’s etiquette and we also have our first class of Civil War ballroom dancing.


 The Altoona library has a video that teaches simple dances like the Waltz, Gallop and a Polka. So we will also start learning some of these dances so that we are ready for the group’s first Military ball in April.  We will also schedule other dates to work on these dances as well. So watch the calendar for those upcoming dates as well.


Remember to mark your calendar for the 3 day event in Keokuk, Iowa on April 27th, 28th and 29th. Some members will be going for only the day on Saturday the 28th and some are planning to go for the whole weekend.


We are excited that spring is in the near future and that we finally have more events and activities planned. Please remember to check the home page on Warwick’s site for the calendar of events and mark your calendars. This will change constantly as events are changed and added.  Also if you are not a member of the Yahoo discussion group please let me or Mark know so that we can get you signed up there as well. A lot of last minute notices will be sent through this discussion group.


Remember Warwick is what its members make it!




Submitted this 4th day of March, year 2007 by:



Lady Engelise Norham

Steward of Warwick

Medieval/Renaissance Division



Harriett Shacklett


Civil War Division