Warwick Journal       November 2006




Greetings Warwick members. I hope that everyone had a joyous holiday season. Sorry if we missed you at the meeting this month we had a really good discussion this month.

Itís time to start thinking of the new year and what we would like to do this year. Lady Charbonneaux brought up the idea that since she has a degree in theatrics that we need to focus more on this and work on some kind of skits and performances. So we look forward to the ideas that she will present to us in the future on this and if anyone is interested in learning more or helping please contact Lady Charbonneaux.

Lord Zouch Brookman had an important announcement in regards to the Sword Fighter practice. Since business is really picking up for the dance studio, floor space is needed.

Attendance the last few months to practice has been slim to none some nights, so with this we will have to let our time at the studio go on Wednesday and Saturdays. So it was decided that if anyone is still wanting to have lessons that they will need to contact Lord Brookman and set up tutoring sessions. We may still have the option to take a day here and there if there is a group of people that want to get together and rent some floor space for a day or when the weather gets nicer go back out to Grays lake but for now Warwick will only be doing practices by request. Please contact Lord Brookman if you would like to set up a time to meet.

The Count had the next item of discussion this afternoon about the Ambassador handbooks. These were handed out and the members present reviewed these.

 All members of Warwick are ambassadors for the group and we need to be all on the same page when talking to people that are interested in Warwick. There is also a contact form with this handbook that is helpful to use when someone is interested in Warwick putting on an event or demonstration that will then be given to the Count to follow up on. If you were not able to attend the meeting this month please contact Count Riche to see how to get a copy of this handbook.

Lord Marcan presented to the populace that the Indianola school has contacted him again to see if we would be able to do another event for their 7th grade students this year. The members present showed interest in this but had a few questions for the school before we would agree to be able to take this on. Lord Marcan will check into this more and get back to us when he has more information.

It was also decided after discussing this issue that it would be helpful for members to develop programs that we could use and take anywhere we go to do a demonstration or event. Also it was discussed that at A&S classes it would be helpful and fun for us to cross train in other things. That will help expand what each of us know and what we are able to give at an event. This will allow us to fill in for someone if they are not able to come or assist someone to make their demonstration bigger and better. So if there is something you are interested in learning please contact Lady Nevyll so she can set up an A&S class on this. Speaking of A&S classes, the next class will be January 21st from 2-5pm at the Altoona library. Topic for this class to soon be announced, so please check the web site or yahoo groups to find out the topic for that class.

Lord Marcan had another thing he wanted to present to the group, he has done some checking and wanted to see what the group thought about ordering window decals.

 He presented to the group two designs one with the Warwick shield and one with the Warwick flag. These decals would be used to put on your car windows or trailers. The cost of them would only be about $3-4 each and the set up cost is $15 a design. The group was interested in this so we will get more information on these and possibly put in an order for some of these at a later date.

Back to Lady Nevyll for the topic of feasts. We had discussed the idea at the last meeting of having themed feasts. So Lady Nevyll has offered her home for Januarys feast. It will be held on Saturday, Januray 27th at 6pm. The feast will be a Scottish celebration. Robert Burns was a famous poet that they celebrated his birthday on January 25th.

 We will have traditional Scottish foods and there will be poems and songs. A list went around with the menu to see what items people could help make for this feast. Several people have also agreed to read poems at the feast. If you are interested in a feast item to make or to be a feast server for this feast please contact Lady Nevyll.

 We look forward to this feast and I personally think the idea of themed feasts is great and sounds like a lot of fun. Hope everyone can attend this feast, it should be a lot of fun. Thanks to Lady Nevyll for offering her home and her time to set this up for all of us.

The last major topic for the day was that Warwick has been approached by a new winery in White Oak, Iowa. It is called White Oak Winery. They saw Lord Brookman there wearing his Warwick shirt one day and recognized Warwick and stopped to talk to

Lord Brookman, he mentioned that he has heard of us and had some ideas for us. He has offered his winery to us for our use. They have events on Friday and Saturday evenings and are looking for entertainment for the visitors. He has offered for us to camp on the winery grounds, do demonstrations, and basically what ever we would like to do. This is a very generous offer and itís exciting that our name is getting out there and we are being known in the community. Huzzah to Warwick!

 So more discussions on this will come up in the future and we may try to set up some event dates for campouts or events. So please watch the calendar and future notes for more information on this. Speaking of the calendar, the Count is in the process of working on the 2007 calendar of events.

  This calendar will include the Renassiance and Civil War divisions events that we have on the books for now, please watch though, because this will be updated throughout the year and more events and dates become available.

 It was also decided that now the the cafť has a new meeting room that the Warwick monthly meetings will continue there for now every 1st Sunday of the month at 1pm. If you missed this meeting hope to see you at next monthís meeting.

One last reminder. All Warwick memberships have expired as of December 31st so please get in your membership forms and $15 renewal fee before the end of January to myself or the Count so not to lose your membership status.

I look forward to the year 2007 and all the opportunities that are starting to come up for us. I hope everyone has a great 2007 in Warwick. Remember Warwick is what its members make it.


Hail to the Count!

Hail to the Countess!

Hail to Warwick!


Respectively submitted this 7th day of January, year 2007.




Lady Engelise of Norham

Steward of Warwick

Deputy of Arms

Paymaster for the Civil War division