Warwick Journal       October 2006




Greetings again to the populace of Warwick. This month’s members meeting was held at our new location and time. We had a good turnout. Thanks go out to all members that came and contributed to the meeting. Hope to see more of our members attending the monthly meetings now that we have a new and bigger location.  Here is a brief highlight of the discussions held today.


For those of you that don’t know, the Waveland Café East is our new site for the monthly members meetings, our non-event feasts and our holiday party. Since use of this space is free, it would be nice if members would purchase a food item or at least a beverage so the Café doesn’t feel like we are just taking advantage of their kindness. This is not required for attendance, just a suggestion. Feasts will be a 2 menu item choice and the food will be brought to the tables by their staff and then our feast servers will take over from there, also we will assist in the clean up after the feast is over. They are remolding and trying to purchase the building next door to them, so in the future there will be a separate party room that will be available for us to use.


Lord Riche announced to the group to keep thinking of suggestions and ideas on how to make the group better. Also if anyone has any ideas for A & S classes to please get with Lord Riche, attendance has been low at some A& S meetings, so if we can get a class scheduled maybe more members would be interested in coming.


Lord Zouch discussed the new possibility for a place to have Sword training now that the winter months are approaching. He has been talking to a lady that runs a dance studio on Hartford and S. Union and talks are in the works for trying to secure the 2nd floor of her studio for Warwick’s usage. There would be a fee involved for training, it would cost the members apox. $20.00 a month which helps her cover the expenses of keeping it heated and the extra electric usage, in return we would have unlimited usage of the space. Lord Zouch will let everyone know how this turns out. Meanwhile, practice will still be held as scheduled at Grays Lake.


The next topic is our big event coming up the weekend of October 14th at Scotch Ridge. Lord Riche will be there after 12 noon on Friday and members can come anytime after that to start setting up camp. Saturday will be the main event day. Events start early at 9am. The boy scouts will be having on going projects and activities throughout the day. Warwick will have an archery range and will have our catapult set up and we will have demonstrations with that as well. This event is open to the public so we will be doing demos and activities throughout the day. Members will also be allowed to come either in Renaissance garb or in Civil War garb for the day on Saturday. During the evening all members will then be in Renaissance garb for our dinner demonstration and our Court. There will also be an end of year awards ceremony that evening at Court as well.


We will be doing the feast and Court in front of an audience so please wear your nicest clothes and be prepared to use Court etiquette that evening please.


This event has invited the Boy Scout troupe in the area, some Buck skinners, the Polk County Rangers and Warwick, both the Renaissance and Civil War divisions. So this event should be much larger than last year’s event. We have been invited to join the Boy Scouts for their lunch demo of Dutch oven cooking. For a $5.00 donation the Scouts will provide you with a good hearty meal. The Boys Scouts will also being doing seed harvest demonstrations, wreath making demonstrations and old style carpentry along with the Dutch oven cooking.


Help is needed by our members to help set up our demonstrations as well so if you can please come early to assist us in the set up. If you would like to do a demonstration for our encampment please contact Lord Riche with the details. Members will also need to bring with them a bread bowl for that nights feast demonstration. We are doing a big pot of stew (pottage) to eat in our bread bowls. A list went around today for what members could bring to put in the pot. If you can contribute to the feast please contact Lord Riche so he will help you decided what is still needed for the feast.


The annual Christmas party was also discussed again. The Waveland Café has agreed to allow us to have our holiday party there, so the date and time will stay the same. December 2nd at promptly 6PM. We also discussed and decided that we will try to arrange to do our annual bell ringing for the Salvation Army as well. Lord Zouch will schedule a time for us to do that as well. We have had a lot of fun doing this in the past and if you have never been to this you are encouraged to do this. It is for charity, it is a lot of fun, and we dress in garb and sing Christmas carols. The people at the mall really like this and we seem to get more donations while we are singing. We will try to do a session like we have in the past a few hours before our feast like from 2-4pm and we may also schedule a 2nd date to do this as well, so please watch for Warwick calendar for these dates and times.


Remember Warwick is what its members make it to be, so let’s get ready to have some fun and put on a good last few events for the year. Warwick is growing all the time with new members joining us this fall. Let’s show them how much fun Warwick can be.


Huzahh to Count Riche!


Huzahh to Countess Swafford!


Huzahh to Warwick!



Respectively submitted this 1st day of October in the year 2006.





Lady Engelise of Norham

Steward of Warwick

Deputy of Arms

Paymaster for the Civil War division