Warwick Journal       August 2006



Greetings to the populace of Warwick. A huzzah goes out to the members that came to this month’s business meeting and endured the heat.


Discussions tonight included:


An update on our Jacob’s ladder. The materials have been purchased and work is in progress for this promotion idea. Remember if you have any ideas for ways to promote Warwick and help with ways for Warwick to generate funds to please contact Lord Rodrigo De Laguez or Lord Roberte Riche.


Next item was the new Warwick tee-shirts. We have approved the new design idea and this is a final call for orders. We will be purchasing these ASAP so hopefully we will have these by the next faire. If you have not put in your order please contact Lord Riche or myself as soon as possible.


The next big topic of discussion tonight was about our meeting site for the monthly business meetings. It has been decided that the name will change from the monthly officer’s meeting to the monthly Warwick business meeting. Please remember that all members are welcome to attend these meetings. All of the changes that Warwick make are going to be discussed at these meetings so come and share your ideas and opinions. Now back to the main topic, we have always had the meetings at Lord Riche and Lady Swaffords home but due to the growing number of members and the changes in weather it was decided that their home will no longer be the best place to conduct these. Ideas are currently being tossed around. It was mentioned that we could use the meeting room at the Four Seasons Diner. This was the place that we have our Christmas Parties at. Lord Zouch has agreed to talk to them about use of this room and Thorulf also has a few ideas to check into as well. If anyone has any ideas please contact Lord Riche ASAP as we will be deciding on a new location for the October meeting.


Also discussed tonight were the concerns that were raised at the information meetings that have been held in the last week or so. Lord Riche would like the members to write down on paper any things that they would like to see happen or change. If there are changes to be made he would like to know from the members as to what they are so we can discuss and find way to correct these things that concern the populace.  We are all working hard to correct the mistakes and problems that occurred and we have all learned a lot from what has happened and the hope is that Warwick will grow stronger as we grow and learn. Tonight all officers present were given copies of their officer’s manuals. Lord Riche wants all officers to read these manuals and conduct themselves as requested by the manuals. If you were not present at the meeting please see Lord Riche for your copy.


The last item discussed tonight was just a reminder of the next A & S classes. The last A & S class had a very low turnout. Please remember to check the schedule and if you have a question about what is happening or not happening to contact the officer of scheduling or Lord Riche for details.


 The next dates for A & S are 13th and August 27th, so please mark your calendars.


Please note the next monthly meeting will be held at the Amana Ren. Faire in September. Hope to see all members there, it should be a fun weekend.


Remember Warwick is what its members make it!




Hail to Count Riche!


Hail to Countess Swafford!


Hail to Warwick!



Yours in Service,


Lady Engelise of Warwick

Steward of Warwick

Deputy of Arms



Respectively submitted this 8th day of August.